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Forget Project Resistance, we want Resident Evil 3!

When Capcom announced a new Resident Evil project I don’t think I was alone is having hoped and prayed that it would be a Resident Evil 3 remake. Safe to say, I, along with many other people, was somewhat disappointed. However, unlike some people I’m not entirely against Project Resistance – if it’s done right, it could be an excellent

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Anthem: What went wrong?

Bioware had so much riding on the success of Anthem, especially after the luke warm reception Mass Effect Andromeda received. The future of what was once one of the best RPG developers out there was on the line, following some disastrous decisions in the development process of Andromeda. Bioware took away the core staff who helped to create the incredible

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The Console Wars reignited

We are at least another year or two away from the PlayStation 5 or the new Xbox hitting the shelves, yet the console wars have already reignited. While I can understand that not everyone can own all consoles therefore having a personal preference, I simply cannot understand the need to fight and argue over superiority. Console wars have been going

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