Forget Project Resistance, we want Resident Evil 3!

When Capcom announced a new Resident Evil project I don’t think I was alone is having hoped and prayed that it would be a Resident Evil 3 remake. Safe to say, I, along with many other people, was somewhat disappointed.

However, unlike some people I’m not entirely against Project Resistance – if it’s done right, it could be an excellent online multiplayer game. But, it could also go the same way Evolve did, we all know how that turned out.

The Resident Evil 2 Remake has been one of 2019’s biggest games, from the hype to release it was highly anticipated, and it didn’t disappoint. Which is why it is so difficult to accept that the Resident Evil 3 Remake isn’t on the way…not yet at least.

There are many great games found within Capcom’s franchise. For some, the top spot belongs to number two, other’s it’s three, and for most, it is Resident Evil 4. Nemesis was terrifying, not knowing when he was going to show up and ruin your day! Just look at how much pressure Mr X put on you in that damn police station – Nemesis would be even more intimidating. Especially in today’s graphics (simply beautiful…).

Then again, I certainly wouldn’t say no to Resident Evil 8! Number seven brought the series back to its roots, pure survival horror – Resident Evil 5 speaks for itself.

I loved seeing both Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy get full-blown makeovers – they both looked amazing. Though I might be being biased since Claire is one of my favourite female video game characters. After those two new and improved looks, I can’t help but feel Jill Valentine deserves the same treatment. Come on Capcom give the limelight to your first leading lady.

There is no doubt that Resident Evil 3 will get remastered – the question is not only when but what platform? Perhaps Capcom is choosing to save it for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett.


  • RE3 was the best in my opinion. I much preferred the variety of locations rather than being stuck in the police station. Nemesis was an amazing enemy too and it was a nice change to start the game with an assault rifle and a load of ammo! I still remember being surprised by that I wondering where the catch was.

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  • Same here. RE3 was my favourite Resident Evil until RE2 Remake.

    I would have been alright if we got Resident Evil Outbreak File 3. Project Resistance looks like it has potential but what has been shown so far has not filled me with hope.


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