DarkSiders 3, which edition to buy?

Now that THQ Nordic has given the highly anticipated Darksiders 3 its official release date of November 27th 2018 (FINALLY!!!) I thought it was time to have a quick look at the different editions available, because quite frankly I am torn, I know full well I am getting a collectors edition but the question is,... Continue Reading →

I finally own a Switch!!

So it has finally happened, I have at long last got my hands on the Nintendo Switch! I have been interested in trying the Switch since its initial release in March of last year, my main concern in 2017 was that there wasn’t an awful lot of games available, in fact there were very few... Continue Reading →

Resident Evil 2 getting remastered…YAY!

I had this feeling for quite a while, the feeling that we would be seeing yet another Resident Evil remake and I am overjoyed that Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield are getting the make over that their first terrifying ordeal deserves! With the major success of remastering the very first Resident Evil which was fantastic... Continue Reading →

Agony: My thoughts so far

When I say I am truly disappointed, I don’t mean “oh it had these problems but it was still great” “or I expected more but it enjoyed it none the less”. No when I say that I am disappointed I truly mean it, Agony congratulations on becoming the first game that I will be doing... Continue Reading →

My journey through Lordran (DSR) part 4

Part 4 of my journey through Lordran involved me venturing into a place so hellish, so unforgiving that From Software even prevented certain enemies from respawning (that’s when you know an area is truly horrendous). I am of course talking about the beautiful wonder that is Blighttown, and by beautiful wonder I mean poisonous disgusting... Continue Reading →

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