The Console Wars reignited

We are at least another year or two away from the PlayStation 5 or the new Xbox hitting the shelves, yet the console wars have already reignited. While I can understand that not everyone can own all consoles therefore having a personal preference, I simply cannot understand the need to fight and argue over superiority. Console wars have been going on for decades, the infamous bit wars of the 90s certainly played a pivotal role in these wars becoming common place.

In this day and age I am getting sick of seeing gamers bad mouth each other, tearing one another down instead of enjoying their shared interest. Not everyone can own everything, I respect that, other people need to as well. Or better yet gamers need to learn to respect the choice in consoles made by other people. Having debates is great, comparing the specs and features of consoles before committing to a purchase, getting the advice or opinions of your fellow players is worthwhile so long as your own thoughts aren’t being brushed aside as though you and your opinions are worth less.

Sony have announced that the PlayStation 5 will have backwards compatibility which is a huge step forward, let’s not kid ourselves this is a move that Sony really should have made with the PS4 but that is no excuse for the hate filled comments directed at excited fans by the Xbox fanboys. I will flip it and mention how Sony fanboys can be just as bad but in this case Microsoft consumers are at fault. Really it all comes down to the way people treat each other online. I have seen messages on social media recently telling people to go and throw themselves off a cliff simply because they are excited for the next PlayStation or being told they are not real gamers unless they have an Xbox. By this logic I could turn around to all those with a single console and tell them that are not gamers and have no place in this community.

The details that Sony have revealed has got me intrigued, I can’t wait to see where the next generation in gaming takes us, when Microsoft begin releasing huge details I shall be just as interested. One of my favourite things to do on my social media is interact with my fellow gamers, share our views and enjoy the diverse array of topics, it is just such a shame that there are a minority who live to be toxic, dragging others down simply because of a console, just seems so pointless to me.

I know that the war has just begun, no doubt as more details get leaked there will be more vile words spewed to people online. At the end of the day there are multiple reasons for one console to be preferred over another, the exclusive titles, the controller, the download times, the aesthetics and the graphics amongst other things. The cheaper option is usually the more viable option for people too, so to see people told they should die over that is beyond disgusting. I know that most gamers are keeping a keen eye on the new facts for the new consoles out of interest, not wanting to tear people download , I just hope that the toxicity I have witnessed dies out, I won’t be holding by breath for this.


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