Final Fantasy VII collector’s edition

When Final Fantasy VII got officially announced at E3 this year I jumped out my seat, throwing my dog across the room (it’s okay he knows it was done with love). There is so much to say about this, what just so happens to be my favourite Final Fantasy game of all time. For now though let’s focus on the 1stclass edition (collector’s).

First things first if you want to get your hands on this very special edition of the game it is time to take a trip to the official store of Square Enix. Their own store is the only place for you to get a copy.


Here is what is included in Final Fantasy VII’s 1stclass edition.

  • Limited edition steel book
  • Deluxe copy of the game
  • Art book
  • A soundtrack CD
  • Most importantly you get this spectacular statue of Cloud Strife on the Hardy-Daytona motorcycle. A nice looking statue, a great design that would make an excellent addition to any collection.

Now that you have seen this impressive Collector’s edition it is time to look at the price tag, that annoying thing that begs the question of do you really want to eat that week? At £260 even the mega fans may struggle to justify it. Heck, who am I kidding? It is a great CE! Well, as long as food isn’t that important for the week.

If the statue is something you are willing to leave behind then perhaps the deluxe edition is more suitable at £80 still giving you the steel book and art book. This can be purchased from multiple different retailers



  • I think as long as they don’t over-produce this set, it will at least retain most of it’s value down the line so perhaps not too dangerous of an investment. The CE’s to avoid are the expensive ones that tank in value so that if you are forced to sell it later on, there’s no way you’ll be getting that same money back.


    • It does look like quite the collection set. Furthermore, I was excited about the Final Fantasy 7 remake so close upon us too! The collectors edition looks quite magnificent. And I hope they will independently release the soundtrack CD.


  • I’m also very excited over this Remake and the CE, though I have my own misgivings about it, and really hope SE isn’t making a huge mistake. I guess only time will tell, but the recent glut of remakes from another big name in the movie business has left a lot of people with sour tastes in their mouth, lets hope SE doesn’t follow suit.

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  • I’m just imagining you jumping out of your chair, grabbing your dog, and chucking it like an American football LOL Like “Dang, she really WAS excited!” haha


  • Ok, so you’re not going to eat. How are you affording electricity?!


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