DICE adding battle royale mode to Battlefield 5….WHY?

For the crowd at E3 to audibly boo the newly announced battle royal mode for the highly anticipated Battlefield 5 says it all really…..ENOUGH WITH THE DAMN BATTLE ROYALE MODES!!! Come on people a battle royale is not the be all and end all of gaming, not every shooter needs this mode, the fact that so many developers feel the need to jump on the band wagon is becoming rather annoying to say the least, what happened to originality? DICE has joined the line of developers throwing their games into the battle royale mix. I just want to take a second to say that nobody is going to dethrone Fortnite as the king of the battle royale, I mean they have kinda ruined PUBG enough to warrant a lawsuit.

I don’t have anything against battle royales as a whole, I understand the appeal of them and truth be told I do find Fortnite and H1Z1 (NOT PUBG!!) to be quite fun to play when in a squad with my friends but that doesn’t mean I wish to see every single game have this mode. There are millions of players out there that have pumped so much time and money into a battle royale of their choice already, Fortnite and PUBG are the two biggest ones and why would their fan bases ditch those to start a new battle royale career on Battlefield? Honesty they won’t, or at least they shouldn’t. I will give DICE credit in that they haven’t ditched their campaign in favour of a battle royale (looking at you Activision) but there wasn’t any need to add this mode anyway, the audience at E3 clearly agreed as they showed their distain for online mode that seems to be dominating every title recently. Battlefield and Call of Duty aren’t bringing anything new to Battle Royales, H1Z1 has the potential to be great should it add zombies to it so the players don’t only need to survive each other but survive the hordes as well.

Red Dead Redemption is another game where I can understand the appeal of a battle Royale being added since it would be a western styled one, a new type that we don’t yet have. I am not saying that Battle Royales need to stop since I do believe in a couple of cases they make sense but developers need to realise not every single game needs this mode, it isn’t going to capture your fan base, I will not be picking up Battlefield 5 because of its battle royale, if I do choose to get it then it will come down to the campaign and other online elements. I was so excited for Black Ops 4 but I can safely say I won’t be buying it upon release unless the price drops thanks to the inclusion of a battle royale at the price of excluding a single player mode.

This is a craze that needs to stop and preferably soon, as I have already stated I agree with having battle royales and yes they are fun but I take issue with developers copying what they see when their games don’t need it, try to understand that while online gaming is huge these days people do still enjoy solo modes. People do like a campaign to sink their teeth into, perhaps put some more focus into those modes to make your games stand out rather than jump on the band wagon. I am so much more likely to give a game with a story a go rather than online PVP only, I have plenty of games for that. Yes Battlefield 5 has got a campaign (thank god), it already had great multiplayer modes that their fan base enjoyed in Battlefield one, no need to be attempting to attract people with a battle royale.

Is it just me? Does anybody else think that the battle royale craze is getting out of control? I have the battle royale I enjoy and that is that, I don’t need another one to try an rank up in. please let me know your thoughts on the inclusion of a battle royale in Battlefield. Sorry if this was a bit ranty but this craze is really beginning to grind my gears!

I know I haven’t posted too much recently but I have been keeping a close eye on E3 and I have many thoughts on several games that I will be sharing with you other the next couple of weeks!


  • Oh yeah, it feels like bandwagon jumping! … Do what I do and try to make it fun, imagine the most inappropriate games with a BR mode. Professor Llayton Battle Royale is the best I can come up with! 😀

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  • Battle Royale is fine, but this is an obvious cash grab, they may as well add an indie horror feature as well

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  • I think it’ll probably work best in Battlefield, given the way the game plays (Tanks and classes). After this, adding BR should stop for awhile lol

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  • I’m not opposed to it appearing as a mode in Battlefield. It seems like everything else in the game is going to be the typical high quality Battlefield we’ve come to expect. The battle royale mode is just a bonus here, like adding in capture the flag or something. It doesn’t diminish what I’m looking for out of Battlefield and gives me another option to try out when I get tired of Conquest or Rush.

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    • That is true and I definitely acknowledge that they haven’t ditched anything to make room for it. I have no doubt it will be an enjoyable game, I guess I just don’t understand the huge battle royale appeal but as you say it does give a fresh option for those tiring of the standard multiplayer battlefield has.

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  • For the people who find Battle Royale modes enjoyable, it’s okay. But the devs should think of the people who buy the games just for the campaign or regular Battlefield modes too. I for example really have no interest in Battle Royales and the inclusion of the same in every upcoming shooter is just irritating me enough to not buy those games.
    Basically, they’ll be losing some of their older fanbase in the hopes of expanding it.

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  • In the case of Battlefield V, since it doesn’t take away from the game and it is just another added mode I don’t mind. I do think it’s getting overbearing but not out of control as yet. I don’t know much about first-person shooters but I am interested in Battlefield V.

    What I really want to see is how the core player base reacts. Will they gravitate towards the BR mode or will they stick to the standard multiplayer? and with the split of the player base how will it affect match-making times for both modes. Maybe BR can exist next to standard multiplayer modes like deathmatch or maybe games should go with one or the other. Battlefield V will give us a good look at what the answer could be and maybe Black Ops 4 to a point.

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  • I enjoy Fortnite. I kinda would like try PUBG or H1Z1, but when would I have the time? I’m one of those players you mention; not likely to give up progress on one BR title to begin anew on another. There are too many good games out there.
    It feels like something you see in movie-making; creators trying to cash in instead of ‘creating’ new ideas.

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  • The mode isn’t being made by DICE, its being made by another studio. In the case of Battlefield V, it doesn’t take away from the main experience but is just another mode. I just hope the mode doesn’t blow up too much or else DICE will focus solely on BR and not the standard MP mode.

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