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The Last of Us Part II: My Thoughts

Heavy spoilers below Okay, so it has been just over two weeks since The Last of Us Part II was released, and I finally feel ready to discuss my experience – spoiler alert, I have emotional whiplash so bad that I may need therapy. My reason for taking so long to talk about this game is two-fold, to give more

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The Simpsons Hit and Run: Could the rumours be true?

There are always rumours floating around in the gaming world, that’s a fact. If it’s not speculation about the next generation of consoles or what microtransaction rubbish EA are cooking up, then it’s usually about a potential remaster. There is a long list of games that I would love to receive a beauty treatment, Mass Effect trilogy anyone!? But there

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Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: Puddle Hopper Trophy

  START YOUR ENGINES!! Now that Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled has come speeding onto consoles not only are we all embracing our inner child, it is time to power slide to those trophies! Most of the trophies/ achievements are self-explanatory, not overly complicated and pretty easy to achieve. However, there are a few that may cause problems on the

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