God of War: my thoughts so far!

I am roughly 6 hours into my journey in God of War, usually I would wait till I have completed the game so I can write a full review which I do still intend to do. However I couldn’t simply wait long enough to gush over how incredible the newest instalment of the famous series is, truly a stunning experience so far. The God of War games have always been fantastic, Kratos has become an icon for the PlayStation after all, you don’t get that honour without offering some incredible games. A SPOILER ALERT IS IN EFFECT.

Times have seriously changed for Kratos as you can tell even from the trailers if you haven’t yet dived into his new journey, our favourite god has become a father to Atreus, his young son who has clearly inherited some stand out traits from his father, his anger being the main one. It is clear from the get go that this young boy has no clue about who his father really is, however he gets to learn more about him as the events of the game go on, I absolutely love that, witnessing the young boy learn about his heritage will be interesting to see. The story to God of War is emotional to say the least, father and son are on a journey together to get to the mountain to scatter the remains of the deceased wife/ mother. My emotions were running high within the first few minutes, I can’t remember the last time a game managed to play with my emotions so early on. So far the story has been fantastic and I know it is only going to get better as I continue my journey through the Norse mythology.

Which leads me along nicely to one of my biggest draws to this instalment, I love Norse mythology, the gods and beings that are Norse are simply amazing, I cannot wait to uncover more of the lore surrounding them and how they fit into this emotional journey for father and son. I have already met Baldur, an awesome introduction to things that are to come I am sure. I have high hopes that his brother Thor will make an appearance, or better yet I would love to see Loki, I already know that Odin plays a major part in this world though I am sure he won’t physically appear until a sequel should one be in the works. Kratos has been seemingly living his life in the forest with his family undetected, until the events of the game take place, of course knowing the destruction he brought to Olympus it is no surprise that the Norse gods would like to be rid of Kratos.

The combat is as amazing as ever! It is so fluent and brutal, Leviathan is a great weapon, the axe has a lot to offer in terms of combat, the shield is once again amazing, very good if you like to play defensive. Me personally I am a high end aggressive player so maxing out the skill tree for Leviathan first and foremost. Atreus is a valuable asset while in combat, you can command him to shoot a specific enemy causing the perfect distraction for you to brutalise them. Upgrading his bow and skills is absolutely worth while, don’t underestimate how valuable this boy is. If there is one thing I am looking forward to it is getting my hands on the signature weapons we all know and love… THE CHAOS BLADES! I know that we acquire them at some point, when I wield them again the memories of wrecking Olympus will come flooding back.

So far I love what I have seen, the graphics are visually stunning, the world is so incredible explore, the characters are a joy to meet or learn about. I look forward to learning more about the life Kratos has been living, perhaps further down the road I will learn more above his deceased wife, there is also no doubt in my mind that there is something very special about Atreus. Just what is this illness the boy has suffered from? Only time will tell.

I will be back with a full review for God of War very soon, I know I won’t be able to put my controller down for too long, not when I have all these realms to explore and gods to defeat.


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