Location for new Assassins Creed game?

Recently there has been a rumour circulating around through the wonders of the internet and I seriously hope that this rumour fruitions into reality. One of the biggest questions that is always asked when discussing the next Assassins Creed is the location in which it will take place, now what I am about to discuss is purely rumour at this point so take it as you will.

As soon as I was done with Origins all I could think was that was an amazing experience! I honestly couldn’t believe how good AC Origins was, easily my favourite AC game, there is only one way in which a new game could take its place and that is where this new rumour comes in. Ancient Greece, if the rumour is true then our next outing as a deadly assassin could well take us to Greece, I have always said for as long as I can remember that Assassins Creed would be incredible should it ever be taken to one of my favourite points in history. Origins was a huge leap forward for the series, it was nearly a perfect game to me, taking the mechanics of Origins and changing the locations to Greece would be amazing! Though make no mistake I did love exploring Ancient Egypt, it is another piece of history that I enjoy. The series has never been to Greece before, this only adds to its viability as a location for the newest instalment.

Ubisoft themselves did say a couple of years ago when working on Origins that they had plans to journey to Greece, however they wished to explore Egypt first. Based on this bit of information I have to say that this rumour could have small facts behind it potentially giving the rumour some firm ground. Logically it would make sense to follow Ancient Egypt with Ancient Greece, or the only other location I can think off to naturally follow on from Egypt would be to head to Rome.

Like I said it is only a rumour at this point but I wouldn’t be to surprised to see Greece in our future, particularly when thinking about the ending of Origins.

Greece has had several key points of time in history, any of which would make for a compelling game.

 Bronze

 Homeric

 Byzantine

The new AC is skated for a fall 2019 release, this gives us plenty of time to speculate over where about in the world we could be heading yet, but I belief there to be some truth to this rumour, or maybe that’s just because I would love to wander the streets of Ancient Greece. Where ever we go next, one thing is for certain, I will pre order my copy after the overwhelming enjoyment I felt when playing Origins, it was the breath of fresh air that Assassins Creed needed and I am glad that Ubisoft has realised that releasing a game year on year (like Activision with Call of Duty) only deteriorates the quality of the game, taking a couple of years in between in a sure fire way to ensure the quality is still there.


  • Valentino Senpai

    Greece would be a pretty dope location but if they ever took the game to Sparta, feudal Japan, china, or even Nazi Germany it would be great.

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  • I was hoping for feudal Japan – my concern is that Ancient Greece will look too visually similar. We might not have the pyramids and desert, but there’s a lot of columns and statues!

    I also associate the Byzantine more with Rome – it’s a result of the schism in the Roman Empire in the 4th century – but I’d be keen for some Homeric/Bronze Age stuff. They could maybe dip into the Odyssey and the Iliad for storylines! That would definitely mean more sailing and I LOVE my AC sea battles!

    I did feel a bit cheated by Origins towards the end – we could have followed Aya, had a similar storyline with a much wider reaching feel, and had a really strong female-led game. It’d be great if, wherever they go, they could give us female-led!


  • I’m thinking about playing AC Rogue: Remastered in the mean time while I wait. Anyway I just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for an award! Check it out! Hope you participate.


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  • Strangegirlgaming, I admit the idea of assassins creed in the Byzantine empire is pretty exciting, on terms of a Bayek sequel, the Byzantine period is 400 years later. As an standalone AC game also it is not such a huge possibility, as it is not that well known, and the major events took place around the period of the Crusades, an era which has already been portrayed. It is a possibility though. BTW, nice post.

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