Far Cry 5: Multiplayer

After having thoroughly enjoyed the campaign I decided it was time to truly jump into the multiplayer of Far Cry 5, I wanted the platinum trophy (which I achieved a few days ago) and as with any game that has multiplayer these days I needed to complete some trophies that were related to the arcade... Continue Reading →

Far Cry 5: Meet The Father!

I have many posts in mind for Far Cry 5 now that I have finished my journey through Hope County, but what better way to start than by discussing the newest addition Far Crys hall of Infamy, the Father, Joseph Seed. Ever since his announcement last year I knew he was going to be a... Continue Reading →

Location for new Assassins Creed game?

Recently there has been a rumour circulating around through the wonders of the internet and I seriously hope that this rumour fruitions into reality. One of the biggest questions that is always asked when discussing the next Assassins Creed is the location in which it will take place, now what I am about to discuss... Continue Reading →

For Honor AFKers go away!!

Right so if you have read my review on this game then you will be aware that I have a huge disdain for the AFK players that exploiting the game. Putting it bluntly it ruins the experience of other players, it puts a damper on their own enjoyment of the game, something Ubisoft have finally... Continue Reading →

For Honor Beta

This was quite the weekend for many gamers worldwide, for the past 3 days gamers from all over the globe have had access to the beta for a new game known as For Honor. With For Honour set to hit stores on the 14th February this was the last beta test for the game, a... Continue Reading →

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