The Evil Within 2: Final Boss

The Evil Within 2 was a superb survival horror game, taking the good from the first game and leaving behind the rubbish. It brought in so much more good content, propelling it past the prequel, one of my personal favourite things about the Evil Within 2 besides the new open world lay out was the insane boss fights found within. Today I am going to be discussing the final boss from the game so a spoiler alert is advised here.

All throughout the game we find ourselves wondering about Myra, sure we know we have gone back into STEM to save Sebastian’s daughter Lily for she is the core, the very thing that holds union together, but Mobius are in a spot of bother, she is missing in union, or to put it more accurately she is being hidden away. Throughout our horrific ordeal we must face countless fierce enemies, several who also search for Lily for their myra ew2own evil sadistic needs. So I found myself wondering how on a earth has a child has managed to hide themselves so well, to make themselves almost undetectable to those who hunt for her. At the end of Chapter 14 after dealing with three familiar faces from the first game we find ourselves confronting Theodore only to witness another being kill him, Myra. She has been in union the entire time, fighting to protect her daughter, refusing to let those evil beings get their hands on her. If it wasn’t for the wife of Sebastian then I have no doubt that Theodore would have won, he would have captured Lily, took over union, STEM and ultimately mobius.

Unfortunately it appears that her time in union has affected her in a bad way, it has changed her into a kind off monster, if she didn’t have these new found strange abilities however she would never have been able to hide Lily away from Stefano and Theodore. But make no mistake the real Myra is still in there just waiting to be brought back to the surface by her husband. We fight our way through chapter 15 and into 16 in order to try and convince Myra to let Sebastian take Lily, to remove her from STEM, give her back her life. But Myra’s protection of her daughter has turned into a full blown obsession, she will not allow anyone including Sebastian, the father of her child to take Lily for fear and belief of them wanting to hurt her.

After our failed attempts at trying to convince we have no choice but to shoot Myra before she can stab us in the face, which would of course spelled our end, thus turning her into a huge monster, that we must defeat in order to save the very thing she has lost herself in trying to protect, Lily. It is a three phase fight, her weak spots are clear as they glow orange, after a certain amount of damage has been inflicted the weak area will burst. Spiders are created from her injuries, you want to squash these spiders as quickly and efficiently as you can, they are your source of ammo for the fight, ammo you are sorely going to need. It isn’t a complicated boss at all, it is a straight forward, well designed affair. If you have a good eye and a steady hand I am confident Myra won’t pose too much of a challenge for you, mind you she can hit hard so do be careful. When you are squashing the spiders if you are too distracted by them then that gives Myra the perfect opportunity to strike which can be punishing, it is very easy to keep her in front of you, when you are avoiding her attacks just remember to turn back around to bring her back into full view. There will be windows of opportunity that present themselves to inflict a great amount of damage on her weak spots, be sure to take advantage of that.

EW2 myra boss
For me personally the reason I love this fight so much is who it is between, husband and wife. It holds so much emotion, not something too common in the boss fights found in survival horror games. All throughout the fight Myra is wailing “I must protect Lily”, the monster that has overtaken the true Myra really believes they are doing the right thing, they think that Sebastian is too much of a threat, he wants to take Lily away. This is something that she cannot allow, she must yet again fight to protect her child.

Once we defeat this monstrous version of Sebastian’s wife we witness the monster slowly melt into nothing, the last true being standing in our way of being reunited with Lily in union has gone but as Sebastian looks forward we see a human hand amongst all the mess, with a wedding ring placed upon the finger. Sebastian pulls the real Myra from the mess, she is weak but it is very clearly the wife Sebastian remembers, the wife that he loves. Determined he wants to not only save his daughter but his newly found wife too, they could be a family again, the thing that makes him complete, it is what he needs, what he has been missing for far too long. Myra insists we leave her behind, we need to save Lily and she will catch up.

Once we have Lily, Myra does indeed catch up but it isn’t so that she can come with us, she isn’t going to leave union with us, no, she is going to destroy mobius from the inside. It is the only way to truly rid the world of them with a simple signal, a signal that can only be transmitted from within union. What we witness next is a truly emotional goodbye as Myra tells Sebastian that she loves him, to never let Lily forget how much her mother loved her, with one final kiss we must bid her fair well. All Sebastian can do is take solace in the fact he has his daughter and that his wife had succeeded in protecting their child, she ensured Lily would be okay, that mobius wouldn’t be allowed to continue with this path of destruction.

A feeling of sadness is not one that I commonly feel with horror games though there are other emotional scenes out there in the world of horror, I did find this one to be truly sad. The feelings I tend to have in a survival horror world are fear and uneasiness. There was no better boss to end the game with, having Myra be the final boss was pure genius. The entire game was fantastic, you can be sure there will be more post about the Evil Within 2 coming, particularly a look at some of the more interesting bosses as well as a full game review.


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  • I am not a HUGE fan of TEW2 (I LOVE the original TEW though), but I really enjoyed Myra’s role in the game. She’s one of my favorite TEW characters along with Juli. I had a feeling she might be the final boss because of how “The Consequence” ended, but I was not ready for all the feels.

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    • I thought that TWE2 was lacking in places but I enjoyed it overall. Same here, Myra and Juli are by far my favourite characters. I never played “The Consequence” but I had a feeling very early on that Myra would be the final boss, after them being apart for so long and her working with Juli I thought she had to be a boss. It had been a long time since a boss gave me the feels like that.


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