Resident Evil 2 getting remastered…YAY!

I had this feeling for quite a while, the feeling that we would be seeing yet another Resident Evil remake and I am overjoyed that Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield are getting the make over that their first terrifying ordeal deserves! With the major success of remastering the very first Resident Evil which was fantastic (that mansion holds many gaming memories for a lot of people) there was no doubt that it’s sequel had to get the same treatment, especially after Resident Evil 0 got the beauty treatment. After the release of Resident Evil 7 last year (a true return to form) I have been anxiously waiting to see what was next for one of my favourite gaming series, it seems that my gut feeling for RE2 being remastered was a good one.

One of the most popular video game franchises of all time with a successful string of films there is much money to be made by taking people back to Raccoon City, gamers worldwide hold such a strong love for one of the originators of survival horror and they deserve to relive one of series’ finest moments. To this day I still hold my original copy as one of my most pride possessions from my PSone days (originally my mums copy), it is a fine addition to any Playstation collection and an absolute must have for any horror fan.

With modern day graphics this is going to be a stunning gore fest of a night, the released trailer alongside its announcement at E3 has demonstrated how incredible the game looks, just how brutal Resident Evil 2 has become with its beauty makeover. From the very first time I stepped foot into Raccoon City I knew Capcom hadn’t just had a one hit wonder with the first Resident Evil, I knew that they had created this entire world that would span across many games, they capitalised on the success of the first instalment in the best way possible cementing what was to become one of the biggest franchises in not just the horror genre but the gaming industry as a whole.

Resident evil 2 is where we first meet two much loved characters that continue to appear in various different instalments of the series, Claire Redfield the sister of protagonist Chris Redfield from the Resident Evil and Leon Kennedy who has become perhaps the most recognised protagonist from the entire series besides Chris. Both characters have also made major appearances in the animated movies that have been created from the series, I would also like to take a moment to say that Leon also headlines Resident Evil 4 which is widely regarded as being the best Resident Evil game. With so many of the games being remastered for the PS4 and Xbox One it was only a matter of time before the 1998 masterpiece also saw this treatment, I fully expect Resident Evil: Nemesis to be announced as a remaster at E3 in 2019.

Are you excited to see Resident Evil 2 get remastered?


  • I am very excited. I really enjoyed the first remake and Zero on the GameCube, and RE7 was indeed a fantastic return to form for me. The footage of this looks stunning.

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    • They were both brilliant on the GameCube. I played the remastered versions on PS4 as well, after number 7 I was so hoping for this remake! It does look incredible.

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      • The odd thing is, I found the original RE2 to be less scary than the original game. It always felt to me like there was too much ammo around so you never got that feel of “How am I going to get through this?” like I did with hte first. This remake though looks like it’s going to be legitimately scary!

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  • So excited they are brining out this Resident Evil 2 remake, it looks great! The old game is one of my all time faves, so can’t wait to play this new version 🙂

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  • Yep, really looking forward to this. I played the remake of the original on the Gamecube and I had them all on the PS1 back in the day. Apart from the controls, they still really hold up too in my opinion. RE3: Nemesis is my favourite so I hope that one DOES get remade as well. I always preferred the Raccoon City setting to what came afterwards though I have to say that a) the Wii edition of Resi 4 is one of the most enjoyable games of all time and b) Resi 5 is nowhere near as bad as some people say (once you get used to how Sheva works in AI mode).

    Didn’t play RE6 or 7 as I kind of stopped following the series after 5. Old-school throwbacks will draw me back in though!

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  • RE2 is one of my favorite games from the PSX era so I am super excited to see this finally coming to fruition. Next year can’t get here soon enough.

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  • Both and excited and a bit trepidatious. The last time I played RE 2 was on the N64 and thus it’s graphical limitations reduced the impact of the gore. With the remake the developers are going all out refreshing the game in all its viscera covered HD glory and I hope their glee in elevating the violence doesn’t take away from the rest of the game.

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    • I love a violent game and I’m quite excited to see how the new “pretty” gore is. I do see your point though, hopefully they don’t get too gore happy and take away from what makes this one of the best games of its generation.


  • I’ve not yet played the RE series (shame!), but remastered games are usually a good time. Hopefully I’ll be able to check them out once nursing school ends!

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    • You must check out the series! Especially with how amazing they look with today’s graphics! If you can your definitely should! I can imagine nursing school must take up a lot of your time!


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