Red Dead Redemption 2 sees another push back!

I’m slightly disappointed with the news I have to reveal to you all, Red Dead Redemption 2 will now see a Q4 release date, October 26th to be more precise. Now I can understand the decision that Rockstar has taken here, the extra few months will help to ensure they iron out the final details, giving their audience the game they have been waiting years for. To that end the push back makes sense, if they release a non buggy game instead of an absolute bug fest, if the game has several problems upon release people might not be too forgiving considering the push back and there is nothing worse than throwing your name game in ready to tear the world up only to be stopped dead in your tracks by unnecessary problems.

RDR2 was originally slated for a fall 2017 release, but it was delayed to spring 2018 meaning anytime from March to June is what was anticipated, granted I like the idea of it being pushed back to avoid it colliding with release of the highly anticipated God of War for the PS4, though not enough to rid me of my disappointment completely. Rockstar say they understand that this could cause some disappointment, at least they are right about that. I know I am not alone in feeling deflated at this near end of year release date, but as I already stated it will prevent any clashed with other highly anticipated games I have my eye on.

The fact that this was already pushed back from last year, when I guarantee this was set to be a Christmas present for a lot of people before the push back was annoying enough for those who been waiting to return to the west since Red Dead Redemption in 2010. A second push back means this game needs to have few problems, it needs to be polished, Rockstar will have no excuses with the extra time they have given themselves. For me personally I am looking forward to jumping back into the world of Red Dead Redemption, the first game was spectacular, it was essentially a cowboy version of Grand Theft Auto, which I much preferred. GTA hasn’t been great in my opinion since San Andreas but that’s a thought for a different time.
Unless a new horror game hits the shelf in time for Halloween there is no doubt that shooting outlaws in the wild west will be how I am spending it. The first game was one of the best games ever made, certainly one of the biggest on the PS3/ Xbox 360. RDR2 will be worth the wait, Rockstar games haven’t let us down before.

Are You excited for Red Dead Redemption 2? Let me know in the comments


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