Mass Effect is making a come back

Last night, at The Game Awards, we were treated to a teaser trailer for a new Mass Effect title. To say I was blindsided would be an understatement.

However, it was a good blindside! I was overjoyed to find out a new ME game had entered early production. In fact, my reaction got more and more erratic as the clip went on until finally, I made a noise that was somewhere between a squeal and a shout (a sqout?).

At the end of the clip, we saw a hooded figure pick up a shard of N7 armour, the famous armour that was worn by the legendary Commander Shepard, as they put an end to the Reaper war.

But, guess what, that is not even what got the fangirl in me to squark! The hooded figure stood back up, the hood sliding back slightly to reveal blue skin, freckles and a recognisable smile. It was Liara T’Soni, one of the few characters from the trilogy to feature in all three games!

Arguably, T’Soni is one of the most beloved characters from the franchise. No doubt anybody that romanced her freaked out too, possibly more than me (I’m a Miranda Lawson kinda gal). However, that does not make me any less excited to see a familiar face.

To know that we will be returning to the Milky Way is amazing. However, while the new Mass Effect will clearly serve as a sequel to ME3, that doesn’t mean Shepard or the rest of the Normandy crew will be around.

Depending upon your ending, it is very likely that the Commander was killed, unless you put in a lot of time at the war table and secured all alliances possible. Then, you may have got a scene where Shepard appeared to breathe.

However, Asari can live for over a thousand years, so despite being a Mass Effect 3 sequel, the game could take place hundreds of years later. Moreover, perhaps we will see a tie to the Andromeda universe too. The trailer did appear to show a second galaxy.

What a time to be a Mass Effect fan! A new game is in development, and we finally get a remastered version of the trilogy. Oh, and if like me you happen to be a huge Dragon Age fan too, then the limit of excitement does not exist with DA4 on the way also.

So, what do you guys think? What direction do you think the new Mass Effect will go in?


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