AC Valhalla: Questions with StrangeGirl and Lee A vockins

Hey guys, StrangeGirlGaming here! Sorry it has been so long since I posted, but you know, 2020 has been a strange year! Anyway, I am back and this time I brought a friend with me. Myself and Lee A Vockins have collaborated on this set of Assassins Creed Valhalla related questions.

We are both a bit mad, but hey, that has made for some interesting answers! So without further ado, I hope you enjoy part one, we will release the second half very soon!

Opinion of the game in just three words?

Lee A:

Brutal. Big. Tree-ish.


So much epicness!

Favourite location thus far? And describe it.

Lee A:

Maybe a basic answer, but I love Ravensthorpe, our settlement that we get to interact with and build. Its growth as you progress through the game is an incredible thing to witness, and I’ve always been a sucker for management games. And there’s trees. Lots of trees. I like trees. 


That’s a tough one. Having completed the game, I have been to every area that is available. I love the snow and mountains in Norway, the way you can see the Northern Lights in the sky. Returning here at the end of the game was pure joy; it is so serene and pristine. Honestly, I could get lost for hours in the photo mode in Norway alone.

Your favourite ability thus far?

Lee A:

The Harpoon is by far my favourite ability. You get to throw enemies around at a distance, into each other or into a wall or off a ledge. It’s like being a less magical jedi. It’s a great ability for killing those more elite enemies, and perhaps a little overpowered.


FIRE! Anything to do with fire is a winner for me. It might not be that original or innovative, but being able to light up my blade or arrows gets the pyromancer in me cackling. Honestly, it’s a real problem…

Most interesting encounter thus far?

Lee A:

The guy with the axe in his head! Have you met him? If you know, you know. I found it disturbingly hilarious.


Ugh, this is difficult. There are a few that stand out in Valhalla. One of which is the final encounter. However, for Lee’s sake, I will refrain from discussing that one as he hasn’t completed the story yet! Though it did confuse the hell out of me and left me with some serious questions and a lot of confusion until I saw the hidden ending at least.

Getting back to the question, I would go with Fulke, purely because this bitch believes her own hype and that is hilarious to me. Oh, and the fact that I wanted to tear her apart for hours only made crossing off this member of The Order all the more satisfying to me.

Actually, I changed my mind; it would have to be Fenrir! I give no explanation because the damn beast doesn’t need one.

Big-axe wielding berserker, shield and hammer wielding raider or sneaky-stab assassin? And why? 

Lee A:

Shield and hammer wielding raider… because I missed the shield so much in Odyssey. Like, where the F was my shield? So, I’m making up for that loss in Valhalla. And hammers are always fun. I often pretend that I’m Thor, just without the lightning.    


None of the above! I choose to be different. I’m not ordinary in real life, so I had no wish to be your average Viking. Therefore, I decided to, drumroll please, be a two-handed duel wielder! I ran around with a greatsword in one and a giant axe in the other, and guess what? It was fun! So that was my choice, because, how badass is that!? Eivor tore up the battlefield; we were tearing down certain enemies long before we should have.

You are a Viking… what weapon would you wield, what would your battle cry be and what is your Viking name?

Lee A:

Counter to the Hammer and shield answer, I would wield just loads of axes. I’d have a selection that I could throw at people, then others that I can hack and slash with, and extras in case they get stuck in faces. I’d be a very organised Viking… but slightly insane. Lee-the-mental-one-with-many-axes would be my name, and my battle cry would be more of a song; I’d be roaring “let the bodies hit the floor”. You all know the one…  


Oh dear, if I am a Viking Valhalla is about to get a new warrior real soon. Honestly, this is a tough question. However, due to my immense love of Valkyries, I am fairly confident in saying I would wield a spear. I would look all kinds of badass and terrifying…until I rode into battle yelling SQUISHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

As for my Viking name, it would have to be Signe, as it stands for the one who is victorious, and I am way to competitive to let some chump chop me to pieces on the battlefield, so victory it is!

To be continued…

One comment

  • Looking forward to Part 2 – enjoying hearing about the game.

    AC Valhalla looks great and was going to be my Fall/Winter game, but my attempts to purchase it at Ubisoft/Uplay or Epic all failed. I so want to return to the familiarity of SE England – even if I lived there centuries after Eivor.

    Luckily, I’m distracting myself in Horizon Zero Dawn – after three frustrating months trying to launch the PC version. It was another game I had to play.

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