Undead Horde Review

Undead Horde is a newly released title, both developed and published by 10tons Ltd. You may know these guys for their other games such as Crimsonsland, Jydge and Time Recoil, if have played of these or the numerous other titles by 10tons you will be aware of their tendency to make decent games that are a joy to play.

Who would have thought that reanimating the dead could be so much fun? Me. I did, and let me just say that I was right. Undead Horde is an action game, borrowing elements from the RPG genre with some hack’ n slash thrown in for good measure, as if that wasn’t enough then for all you strategy fans out there you could treat Undead Horde as one of those. Me personally I prefer to throw caution to the wind, who needs strategy when you have an unholy army at your disposal?

Graphically speaking the game could have been better, but they certainly could have been a lot worse. Graphics are not everything when it comes to video games, for me at least. A game needs to be enjoyable, it needs to offer that certain something that keeps the player coming back. Undead Horde definitely does that, with a good amount of gameplay to get through you can keep coming back for more if you decide to take a break.


The mechanics are simple, and the controls are easy to use, not overly complicated unlike other games I have encountered on the Nintendo Switch. This prevents the game from feeling like a chore, having to memorise so many different controls can be a real turn off, especially for those who are just looking to kill some living beings for their treasures. Changing up your gear and the types of minions you choose will be a huge help as you progress through this kingdom, there is a lot of fun to be had pilgrimaging and murdering the living.

A simple story, sometimes simple is better, overly complicated stories can get tedious and simply become an effort to follow. In Undead Horde we play as a necromancer who has been wronged, so what is he going to do about it? Build an undead army to wreak havoc upon the living, perhaps they themselves will join your horde after you take their life. Before embarking on a mission you have the opportunity to choose what minions will aid you, as you progress through the game slaying different enemies you will unlock different types of minions to add to your army of undead.

Undead Horde is a fun experience, after all who doesn’t love being in control of life and death!? I mean you can even recruit chickens…CHICKENS! If reanimated chickens running around isn’t something to get excited about then what is? Undead Horde is available on PC and consoles (Xbox One, PS4 & Nintendo Switch) now for £16.99, of course this price may vary depending on currency. I would give Undead Horde a solid 8/10, the guys over at 10tons have once again created a great game that was a joy to experience, then again anything involving zombies and the undead wins me over.


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