New blog!

Hi guys just wanted to do a quick announcement, as well as this blog I have decided to start a second blog called strangegirlreview to work on along side this one. As much I love games and it is and always with be one of my passions I also hold a strong love for movies, TV and Anime. With this blog being dedicated to games I decided to create a second one to give me some variety in what I write about, giving me the chance to share my other interests with all of you. 

I appreciate all the support I have been giving for this blog and I have every intention of staying active here, there are hundreds of games I have yet to discuss with you all. However I have an insane amount of movies and anime to discuss and share with you. Should you ever have any requests for not just my new blog but this one too then please let me know and I will either play it, watch it and review it.

Once again thank you for any support you have given me, I hope you continue to enjoy strangegirlgaming and hopefully you will find yourself enjoying strangegirlreview as well.


Friday the 13th game, initial thoughts and mini counsellor guide

Finally my friends the moment that all horror fanatics have been waiting for Friday the 13th the game! Now I would love to be able to give a full on review but since we have been having some server issues so I have only managed to have a few games and out of those few games I have only been hunting victims once so unfortunately my full blown review will have to wait but I needed to give you my initial thoughts as well as mini guide on ways to escape the legendary Jason vorhees. I have been waiting for this game ever since hearing about it being on kickstarter, I always thought that Friday the 13th would transition into game really well, especially an online game. To me it has always made perfect sense to have one player be the notorious murderer and have multiple others play the unwilling victims.Let me start by saying that I think the premise for the game is amazing, it’s so simple yet despite the server issues the gameplay itself has been very well executed, whoever thought that running around trying to kill a bunch of teenagers could be so much fun (even if I have only experienced it once). It feels like we are taking part in one of Jason’s movies when we are playing as the counsellors. There are multiple ways in which you can escape and ultimately win the game, however in my short experience that is a lot easier said than done. You can try to simply survive the entire 20 minute duration of the match though I would recommend trying to actually escape. The easiest help to get is that of tommy Jarvis, all you need to do is radio through to him and one of your deceased fellow counsellors will return as the hunter, he is carrying a gun with him that has a single shot so do use it wisely. This is essentially a second chance for whoever is selected to play as him as you may escape whilst playing as him. Just try not to shoot a fellow counsellor like I did…sorry bro!!

Next up we have calling the police this requires you to find the phone box, locate the phone box fuse, fix the phone box, then finally find the phone to call the police. They will take 5 minutes to arrive so you must survive until then! Now then when the cops arrive they will be at one end of the main road, it can be either end so while hiding in a spot near the end of the main road is a great idea it’s not so great when the cops arrive from the other end, trust me, in one of my games I was spectating a fellow player due to being thrown through a window by our good friend Jason and they hid at the bridge at the end of the main road waiting for police. As you can probably guess they got their 50/50 guess wrong giving Jason ample time to get to the main road where he ultimately skewered them. While this was hilarious for me to watch I’m pretty sure it was damn annoying for the person who just became a sheesh kebab.

Moving on, we have the boat and the car. Both require you to fill them up with gasoline, the boat only requires the propellor which can be found in nearby buildings so the boat can be easier to use as your means of escape than the car can. You will need to not only find the keys to start the car but the batteries as well, I would recommend working together to fix the car but the boat can be done alone for all those of you with the attitude screw this and screw you I’m getting out of here! Once in the car make sure you know where you are going and move fast, Jason can stop the car should he get in front of it giving him plenty of time to pull you from it to do with you as he sees fit. Finally there is a legend, a myth if you will that states JASON CAN BE KILLED! Now this truly is the stuff of legend at the moment, but I believe you would need his mothers sweater, tommy Jarvis and you would need to have removed Jason’s mask. If you have managed the unthinkable task that many have failed to achieve across a whole franchise of movies then I bow down to you. Oh how revenge would be sweet if I could ever achieve this.

Onto my initial thoughts, of course the server issues are a massive problem. I can understand that this was developed by a small company who weren’t expecting to sell as many copies as they did but it is Friday the 13th! It was always going to gather quite the following, hopefully these problems are sorted out soon as some people who purchased this game Friday in the hopes of searching for victims have spent a lot more time serving for servers. If you do mange to get into a match I would have to say that I think they have done a very good job, playing as the counsellor is a lot of fun, it’s nerve wracking not knowing where Jason is until you hear that iconic music we have all come to know and love. Barricading doors, jumping through windows and wielding weapons are all part of what you need to do if you have any hope to survive. I think the different attributes that each character has is very good, it makes it a lot easier to play the game your way. Do you want to be the smart girl who can repair things in a flash but at the risk of sacrificing you composure? Or do you maintain your composure but sacrifice speed? There are several attributes to consider when it comes to choosing your counsellor, or you can stick to good old Kenny being the Jack of all trades.

I like the way that turning the music on in a house will prevent Jason from being able to spot you inside, one of his abilities is to sense you, turning the radio on disrupts that preventing him from being able to pin point you. It’s the simple things like this that really make you time as a counsellor exciting, you need to truly think about everything to give you your best shot at survival.

For me at the moment I have been playing as Kenny, poor, poor Kenny…Though I did survive the entire night by being glitched in a tent. The atmosphere is eerie, you just know that iconic killer is around somewhere stalking his prey, be it with an axe, spear, pick axe, fire axe or the classic machete. I can’t quite describe the feeling I feel when he suddenly shows up making my screen go funny Slender style. There are several different Jason’s to play as from various movies, just like the counsellors they have different strengths and weaknesses, though since I have only played as Jason once I am very inexperienced in how good the different ones are at the moment. I will give a mini guide on playing as Jason when I have some more experience, I’m pretty sure you can all guess that gaining victory means killing all those brats at his camp.

Before I finish this post guys I have been having a thought recently, I am a horror fanatic with Friday the 13th being one of my all time favourites. Now I am a gamer and that is what my blog is primarily about but I am a movie lover as well, in the spirit of this game being released I thought I might do a mini review on each one of the films. If I do decide to go ahead with this idea I am hoping that I can do it justice and that you all will enjoy reading it. Anyway thanks for reading, I will be back with a mini guide on playing as Jason and a full game review after the servers are fixed.

Dark Souls 3, MY GOTY 2016

Here it is, here is my choice for the game of the year for 2016, Dark Souls 3. I’m going to assume that there are some obvious reasons for why I would hold this game in a high enough regard to give it the honour of being my game of the year. Let me get the most obvious reason out of the way, the incredible boss fights.

If there is one thing that the Souls games are known for is the boss fights, it’s a defining feature of these games, without the bosses there is no chance that Dark Souls would be as notorious as it is for the challenge that it inflicts upon those who play it. While reaching the bosses of the various areas of Dark Souls 3 can be a challenge in itself most of the time it is simply preparing you for what you are about to endure. Working my way through Irythll of the Boreal Valley was a nightmare, when I first arrived there after having defeated Wolnir on my first try. For me it was then that Dark Souls 3 truly hit that notorious point of being difficult, soon as I stepped foot on that bridge into Irythll I was met with that rather disgusting, intimidating monster known as Sulyvahn’s beast, it was part crocodile part beast but all scary. I knew from that point that it was going to be a tough fight through the area, with it more than likely ending in a painfully difficult boss fight, painful doesn’t even begin to describe the experience of defeating Pontiff Sulyvahn, this insane tyrant was easily one of the biggest challenges for me in the entire game.

The Pontiff wasn’t my favourite boss fight, though he certainly proved to be worthy of being the mid game boss of a Souls game. No my favourite boss fight of Dark Souls 3 was The Dancer of The Boreal Valley, the way she moved was so precise, so graceful, so intimidating. There are many reasons for the Dancer being my personal favourite boss of what I consider to be one of the best games of the series, the lore behind the Dancer is intriguing it’s some of my favourite lore, it would seem as though the Dancer is a member of the old royalty through being the daughter of Gwynevere, which is supported by the miracle you can transpose her soul for. I could keep talking about the Dancer for this whole post but I have plenty of other content to cover so perhaps I will go into further detail on my fascination with the Dancer another time. As a whole I think along with BloodBorne Dark Souls 3 mostly had a solid cast of bosses with only a few posing little to no threat at all, such as the Deacons, the Curse Rotted Great Wood, and the Crystal Sage. I think it would be fair to say that if all the bosses of the Souls series were ranked together, Dark Souls 3s bosses would dominate the top half alongside BloodBorne. I think for me the hardest boss of all was the Nameless King and just like the Dancer the lore surrounding his fight helped to cement his status as being one of the best Souls bosses to date. I have to give a special mention to Sister Friede and Father Ariandel, that boss fight was a thing of beauty, unfortunately the DLC The Ashes of Ariandel was too short but the main boss fight was a first for the series with it being a 3 phase 3 different health bars fight. That’s right to defeat the DLC you have to wipe out Friedes health bar 3 times, as well as Father Ariandels health bar in the second phase.  

What else besides the bosses could this game have that has made it a clear winner in my mind, well a couple of different things, since I have already touched upon the lore of this game I think that would be the best aspect to discuss next. Lore is a big factor in Dark Souls, it always has been, many people have enjoyed sharing their thoughts and speculations over the years with each passing souls game, while I may not have publicly voiced my opinion about the lore over the years I have had my fair share of ideas and thoughts about the few facts From Software have given us and about the various things that From Soft has insinuated rather than solid fact. That’s part of what makes Dark Souls 3 incredible, yes there are facts in the lore in this game, it has confirmed and dismantled various beliefs amongst the community, however there are certain things that From Soft haven’t confirmed or denied. They have left much of the story to our imaginations for us to interpret the lore as we see fit, because you see our journey as the unkindled, as the ashen one is exactly that, it’s our journey and the open ended lore helps to cement your individual journey through the age of fire.

Finally, the atmosphere of this game is thick with death, danger and an unknowing. One the first run through of these games you don’t know what is round the corner, you don’t know how many enemies stand between you and victory. There is a strong under layer of emotion that can be felt in the atmosphere, the cathedral of the deep I find to be a sad solemn area, this is where Aldrich clearly turned the Deacons that were once part of the way of white. Or in Irythll where Pontiff Sulyvhan now rules through force destroying what was once a beautiful place.

Dark Souls 3 gripped me from the very beginning, it made me invest so much of my time into preserving the age of fire. Never have I felt so accomplished about beating a game, since I won the platinum trophy for this game I can truly say that I did it, I took on the danger of Lothric, I conquered all Lords of Cinder, I finally saw this long enduring journey come to an end.     

2016, a great year for gaming

There are so many ways in which I could start this post, do I start with the PSVR, the disaster that was No Mans Sky, or all the glorious games that graced our consoles this year! Well in my wacky mind I like to deal with bad then cheer myself up with good, so let’s kick this off with talking about the highly anticipated, underwhelming No Man’s Sky.

So No Mans Sky was in contention to be one of the biggest gaming events of the year! The hype and build up for this game was insane, every single one of us had heard of it, watched gameplay on it and listened to all the rubbish that the developers threw our way. Now I don’t want to come on here and slate No Mans Sky since it wasn’t an awful game but rather a false advertised game that altered everybody’s perception of it. We perceived it to be an open-ended universe with thousands upon thousands of planets that could be discovered by other players worldwide and we could meet said players on these discovered or even undiscovered planets. Bit awkward when the game got released and there wasn’t a single other player in sight, yeah that’s right the developers lied about how massive the multiplayer was, this was one of their key selling points yet it was all lies!

Now we’ve got the worst part out of the way let us move on to brighter things, this year saw the release of many incredible games, it’s difficult to choose just one…..but I did and I will discuss my personal favourite in detail another time. Dark Souls 3 and Uncharted 4 both spring to mind when it comes to major games this year since they are both in fact the closing chapters to their respective stories. I have been a long-time fan of the SoulsBorne series, the immersive boss fights, the eerie unnerving atmosphere that the game projects, but most of all it’s the challenge and being able to say I did it I beat this game, while the series has made others cry I have conquered all that From Software has thrown at me. Then we have Uncharted 4, again I have been an Uncharted fan since its release in 2007, the story of Nathan Drake has got to be one of the most epic, action packed incredible adventures that I have had the joy of playing. Which is why it’s sad to see the stories of the age of fire and the fortune hunter come to an end, 2016 has given us the final chapters to two amazing stories that we had all been waiting for, I think it’s fair to say that they didn’t disappoint. From Soft and Naughty Dog thanks for the memories, no doubt that whatever ventures you pursue next they will be just as fun and exhilarating as your already established franchises.

Final Fantasy XV finally hit our consoles in November after over 10 years of being in the works, sure I accept that for some true fans of the franchise it might not be the best, heck you might not even think it feels like Final Fantasy with the new combat system. However I did find it to be an enjoyable experience, the comradery of Noct, Gladio, Ignis and Prompto was endearing, it was fun to see and hear the banter displayed between the friends.

DOOM! While this might have been a long time coming, I’ll be honest and say that I wasn’t really following the build up to its release, I knew what to expect though I mean its DOOM right? It was bound to be about the demons of hell, with us sending them back there with a shotgun to the face, pretty simple concept like back in the 1990s when DOOM first entered our lives. DOOM 3 took the franchise in a different direction, a more horror based direction which did in some respects slow down the gameplay that DOOM was loved for. For this reboot to succeed they needed to correct the wrongs from DOOM 3, and correct they did. This game exploded out back in May, it was fast, it was fun, it was gory, it had big guns and IT WAS CHAOS! It was DOOM! It was what we had all been dying to play for years, it was how DOOM should be played, DOOM made its comeback in 2016 in a huge way, ID mean business I look forward to seeing what direction they are taking the revitalised franchise in.

Besides these 4 awesome games that I have given a special mention to 2016 was filled to the brim with other enjoyable, exciting games. Deus Ex Mankind Divided with it’s incredible RPG elements sprung Jensen back into action in August, as ever the character development was as deep and immersive as you would expect from an RPG of this magnitude. Overwatch came out, Blizzards new baby absolutely destroyed Battleborn in their rivalry earlier this year. Now I have made a post on this, in fact I believe it was my very first post on this blog, so I won’t go into too much detail here having already covered it but I will say this, Battleborn was my personal favourite of the two which was helped by the fact that it offered a single player mode, for me personally I like to have the option to play solo or online. Other games I feel we should give a mention to are JOY for the Xbox One, Street fighter V make no mistake though I am a Mortal Kombat fangirl so even though 2016 gave us an exciting new instalment to the Street Fighter franchise it hasn’t really done as much for me as Mortal Kombat X did in 2015, with Injustice 2 coming out next year as well, I do feel that in the long run Street Fighter V won’t be as loved as it is now, I wouldn’t be doing the game justice if I didn’t say it had been a highlight for many this year. Most of the Resident Evil numbered games were remastered this year, this was a smart move by Capcom, with Resident Evil 7 set to hit our consoles in just a few weeks it has given many fans the opportunity to reminisce about the series, to replay the games that have a somewhat nostalgic effect. I have recently played through Resident Evil 5 and 6, with 4 still to go, got to save the best for last, it has been amazing to remind myself of why Resident Evil has been so successful, except for the Cerberus dogs, I hate those damn things!

There are many more games that I could talk about and who knows maybe they will get their own posts eventually but for now I think we have one more major thing about 2016 to cover. Can you guess what it is? Yes, that’s right the PlayStation VR, Virtual Reality gaming has become a reality. The feel of the VR is incredible, admittedly the price for this technology is insane, but that’s what you must pay for something this amazing. If you have ever wanted to be Batman or just to feel like Batman you finally can, as you see through the eyes of the dark knight, come on that’s reason enough to love the VR surely. If that isn’t enough for you and you happen to be a horror fan who enjoys terrifying themselves then the VR is still a must for you. In 2015 the hit horror game Until Dawn came to PS4, 2016 saw the release of spin off a game called rush of blood, made especially for the VR system. Or with the release of Resident Evil 7 coming up maybe you are ready to face the horrors of the Resident Evil universe yourself in first person, as if it is you that is being terrorised and tormented. Honestly the main reason for me wanting the VR was ready for Resident Evil 7, it’s going to scare the hell out of me, if you want to laugh at my misfortune I’ll be recording my misery especially for you guys on YouTube so keep an eye out for that.

I know there is so much more that I could talk about in regards to how good 2016 has been to us gamers, it has been a truly memorable year that won’t soon be forgotten for gamers around the world. Now is the time to look forward to 2017, to what is also set to be an incredible year of gaming, filled with many games that we have all been waiting for, I have no problem with stating that my gaming event of the year for 2017 will be Mass Effect Andromeda, nearer the time I will share with you all why my love for Mass Effect runs so deep and what I believe we can expect from Andromeda.

Since 2017 looks to be just as good if not better than 2016 I will make a post talking about what we can expect in the exciting new year. 2016 has been a blast, no doubt it has given everybody a game they love. I look forward to carrying on sharing my thoughts and experiences with you in the new year.

Final Fantasy XV new combat system 

Wow, I had no idea what to expect from the new Final Fantasy and in a way I still don’t as I wait for the installation process to complete. however I have been able to experience the new combat system as I wait through playing the open combat mode.

So traditionally Final Fantasy games have used turn based combat, never free flowing. Well all that’s changed for Final Fantasy XV, for me it’s a breath of fresh air, I have never been been a huge fan of turn based combat which is is a shame as I love the story of Final Fantasy with Final Fantasy VII being my personal favourite. see its because of a combat system I don’t get on with that I’ve not played all the Final Fantasy games. 

Combat is a key factor in any action game and ultimately it is a huge indicator into whether or not you are going to enjoy that game, while some people enjoy both turn based strategic combat and fast paced free flowing combat, others prefer one or the other meaning they won’t play just any game.

After 20 minutes of killing hords of goblins I can safely say that I am going to love the new combat system, it flows so well with a smooth feel to it. I understand how die hard fans of the game may not be too thrilled at the prospect of changing a long running combat system but I implore those fans to still give Final Fantasy XV a chance.

Who knows, this new combat system could be better than any of us was expecting.

Resident Evil 7

So after the mediocre Resident Evil 6 it’s safe to say that we are all hoping for a new horror master piece in the form of Resident Evil 7. I wouldn’t say that Resident Evil 6 was a bad game, I would certainly say that it was an improvement upon number 5 which was by far the worst instalment across the entire franchise. But that does in no way mean that it was a good instalment in what we can all agree is one of the best horror franchises ever.

Now Resident Evil 7 seems to be taking the franchise in a whole new direction, it’s a breath of fresh air potentially. We are so used to being a bad ass agent with a gun in Resident Evil games that changing that up in the new instalment is either going make or break this game. Personally I’m looking forward to playing as an average character who has become caught up in whatever horrors it is that we are going to find. To me the true way to scare people the true way to make us panic is for us to not be an immediate bad ass that can use every type of gun, that is ultimately strong both mentally and physically. To me it takes away some of the psychological effects of a horror game, why should I fear what could be round the corner when I can fight anything and everything with relative ease. Fortunately for me it they have changed that for number 7 and I couldn’t be excited about it.

It also looks like they are taking a page out of silent hills book with the horror side of it. To me Resident Evil was always about shooting down as many zombies and mutated creatures as we possibly could, but Resident Evil 7 seems to be more on the side of rewarding the player for being cautious. Maybe rewarding isn’t the correct word as they are forcing the player to have more caution about them rather than charging in all guns blazing.

The first-person perspective is new to the franchise too which to me adds to the terror of a horror game it’s as though you are the one walking through the hallways, it’s one of the many things that made Outlast as terrifying as that was. Don’t try and deny it you are all still trying to get over the horrors form that asylum as much as I am…

Resident Evil is the mother of all survival horror games, back in 1996 it really bought the genre to life, with Silent Hill coming out a year later it set the standard for all horror games in the 20 years following its release. That’s why I’m so excited for Resident Evil 7 its new its fresh just like the first instalment was back in 1996. After playing the beginning hour I am so intrigued to see where this game is going and why the house we played the demo in is going to be significant, it has been stated by the games developers that certain items found throughout the demo might not have had any importance in the beginning hour but they could very well prove to be of some significance at some point during the actual game such as the dummy finger, I drove myself crazy trying to figure out what it does.

January 2017 is either going to revitalise a legendary franchise or it could cause Capcom to go back to the drawing board if they want to safe it.

Did Overwatch destroy BattleBorn?

Did Overwatch destroy Battleborn? People seem to think so, people seem to think that Overwatch is supreme in every possible way, is it possible though that Battleborns limited success was in fact the doing of poor release timing? Well that’s what we are going to look at now. But before we do I have something to say…The intro for Battleborn was by far one of the best I have seen in any game and that is a fact! No debate, no discussion, end of story.

Battleborn is made by the same people that gave us one of the best series of games from the last decade Borderlands and they are Gearbox. So, it’s not as if Battleborn was being created by some unknown amateurs, fans of the Borderlands games would have been anticipating the release of Battleborn no matter when the release would be but that brings us to the point of did releasing it a mere 3 weeks before the release of Blizzards newest release ruin its chances of being as successful as it potentially could have been. We all know how big the fan base for Blizzard is and we all most certainly know what they are most famous for. World of Warcraft is one of the most defining games in history, it is the biggest MMO out there with one of the biggest fan bases known to the gaming world. So it begs the question…What the hell was going through the minds of 2K and Gearbox when they came up with their release date!!! Come on trying to compete with Blizzard was a stupid idea, they are the kings of MMO all players of the genre were going to turn to it, no matter how much the players enjoyed Battleborn they were bound to turn their attention to Overwatch.

Now I am a huge fan of Battleborn, I love the story, the characters and the sense of humour that I share with it. I truly am a sucker for the charm of Borderlands and Battleborn alike, what can I say it just speaks my language. It also happens to be a very good FPS mixed with a good dose of MMO, and in my opinion it does in fact tick a lot of the right boxes, the fact that it has a single player mode makes me grin, that’s the one thing about online only games that does my head in is the lack of single player modes. Is it really that difficult to just put a few solo missions in there somewhere? I don’t always want to play against other people, other people have an incredible talent of annoying me…

Now I do of course play online, it would be stupid to own a game like Battleborn without wanting to destroy other players while making a fool of myself but the single player is something I enjoy, like I said it’s unusual for this sort of game to offer something for those that like to finish a game solo without stepping foot into an arena full of bigger, badder and better players who make them look worse than amateurs. Overwatch on the other hand is all PVP, there is no single player mode, again I love playing it, as much as other players have made me want to truly shoot them instead of virtually shooting them, playing online is something else entirely, you can’t claim to be a true gamer without proving your worth by spilling the blood of your gamers. Overwatch is a true MMO, with a huge community backing it, continuously supporting it.

As you may have figured out by now my personal favourite is Battleborn, I still actively play and will continue to do so as they release their new characters. But that doesn’t mean I don’t get why Overwatch has dominated. For the first three weeks of Battleborns release it did have a vast number of players who had been patiently waiting for this MMO to hit, but after those three weeks, the king of MMOs presented its new baby, the newest edition to its growing dynasty. It has been one of the biggest releases of the year, and it’s not difficult to see why. The only thing that is truly annoying about it is the same as anytime you play online, you get the noob that sucks and will never be good no matter how hard they try and though they may not mean to they KILL YOU!! (yes I do speak from experience….). Now if we put gameplay aside, the graphics for both games are on point, seriously they are truly beautiful games to play, that is something that battleborn can safely say Overwatch hasn’t decimated them on, they have both proven to be fantastic as far as the eye can see.

Honestly was there any other company in the world that could have truly competed with Blizzard upon release within close proximity to one another that both centred around being an MMO? The answer is no of course not, the reputation that Blizzard was able to build wasn’t built overnight, no it’s been years in the making, it’s been years of producing incredible games with incredible content. So Gearbox and 2K should have really thought about that upon finding out their release date was uncomfortably close to the release of Blizzards game, timing is everything in every sense of life and that also applies when trying to optimise a video game.

So, do I believe that timing was the downfall of what I found to be a charming, action packed, fun game? Yeah I honestly do, I don’t think Battleborn would have struggled had it been released at a more sensible time in relation to the release of Overwatch, but that is something that Gearbox and 2K have found out the hard way. What was obvious to you and me was clearly overlooked by Battleborns creators, hmm a very costly mistake. I would love to see a Battleborn 2, they left a huge opening for one, the ending did indicate in a big way there would be a second one but after the reception of this one and its losing battle against one of the biggest games of the year I don’t feel optimistic. But they do seem to be finding some success with the release of their DLC and new characters, with any luck Gearbox will prove me wrong and we will see Battleborn 2 in a couple of years.

While Battleborn has admittedly lost a huge battle it still ticked all the right boxes for me, it’s just a shame that poor timing tarnished what was a great FPS/MMO.