Who should have been the final boss of Dark Souls?

This post isn’t going to so much be about Slave knight Gael, more my thoughts on him as the final boss of the souls series and who I thought was likely to be our final battle. I will write my thoughts about Gael and his lore in his own post. 
I would like to state straight away that I consider Gael to be an amazing boss, a really enjoyable fight. I actually struggle to fault the fight itself as I do hold it in high regard, it was certainly a pleasant surprise to have a highly aggressive boss to the standard of Knight Artorias. I might even go so far as to say it is one of my favourite fights across the entire series. This doesn’t mean I consider him to be the best option to have the prestigious honour of closing out a legendary story and series, in fact for a while now I have been expecting to see the daughter of Gwyn, sister of Gwyndolin, sister of the Nameless King, I have been expecting to see the goddess of fertility and bounty, I have been expecting to see Gwynevere. I can’t truly express my shock at never truly meeting this goddess, much less my disdain at never fighting this goddess of miracles.

Let me explain why I am so surprised and disappointed in never meeting this important woman from history. Firstly she is the daughter of the great Lord Gwyn and based on certain events from history and Gwyns obvious disdain for his youngest son I feel that it would be safe to say that she was his favourite child. We fought both of her brothers, disregarding Gwyndolin due to him being devoured in Dark Souls 3. We kill her father at the end of Dark Souls in order to link the flame, we may kill Gwyndolin though as I stated this is disregarded. At long last we discover the first born of lord Gwyn, only to kill him in Archdragons Peak. Therefore we are immediately responsible for the deaths of her father and brother. Does that not give enough reason to invoke a reaction? Well if not there is plenty more for me discuss. So let me jump right back into it, the dancer of the boreal valley. There is a theory which I strongly believe in which she is the daughter of Gwynevere, I have several reasons for this belief. Firstly upon transposing her soul you may trade it for bountiful sunlight, a miracle strongly associated with Gwynevere. Secondly her veil is said to only be worn by members of the old royal family giving a clear indication that she is related to the old royalty in some form. Combining those 2 reasons it makes logical sense that the Dancer be a daughter of gwynevre there for bringing the family death total up to 3.

Now lets discuss her other potential children, Lorian and Lothric. It is heavily implied that she is the mother of the twin princes which would make her the queen of lothric in turn making her the wife of the consumed king Oceiros. My reasoning behind this is that the queen of Lothric was initially revered as a goddess of bounty and fertility, we of course know that Gwynevere was the goddess of fertility and bounty which for me gives a clear indication to her being the queen of Lothric. Which if my calculations are correct would bring us up to a grand total of 6 family members we have killed. Surely you would think this to be enough to bring this goddess out from whatever hole she is hiding in to confront the ashen one who has killed 5 members of her family with Gwyn having been killed by the undead in dark souls 1. I just think that when you think about all of this alone surely finally meeting Gwynevere after all of this would have been an amazing closing to the series. I fail to see the significance Gael brings to warrant being the final boss.

I feel that to have truly earned the right to be the final boss you should have the lore that Gwynevere has, she isn’t an unknown exactly. Granted the only time we have met her was when she was an illusion created by her younger brother Gwyndolin back during dark souls 1 in Anor Londo. In my eyes that makes finally meeting her all the more considerate for the role of final boss, seeing her in all her glory for the first true time would have been something spectacular, especially since she would have been a miracles based boss which if we are being honest we are seriously lacking those, a good one anyway.

The way I picture this fight is filled with anger and emotion, what more does Gwynevere have left to lose? We could have found her at the ends of the earth amongst all the ruins, no more hiding, no more running. She would be forced to face her demons bringing a certain intensity to the fight. She would have watched countless kingdoms fall including her own, bringing her to this point, bringing her to the end of the world, to all of this ruin. What started with her father could have ended with her. Honestly for a very long time I believed we would meet this mysterious goddess yet I remained disappointed, we will never meet this important figure from history.

Gael has got his pros for being the final boss, he’s fast aggressive and considerably unpredictable, certainly not the laughable final boss Nashandra was at the end of dark souls 2. The arena in which we fight him is incredible with how we find him being rather chilling given that’s he’s devouring the pigmy lords in hopes of obtaining the dark soul. it’s just difficult for me to see past the fact that he has only been introduced in the first piece of DLC for Dark Souls 3. I know that when you combine his presence in both pieces of DLC he does become somewhat prominent, the ability to summon him for 2 boss fights is something that I believe adds to his merit especially since the second fight is standing in between you and the ringed city. I will rate Gael highly in terms of his boss fight, when I do an entire post dedicated to him it will be clear to see that I do harbour a fondness for our final battle, and I can understand why some people might consider him to be a good end to the souls series. The ringed city is easily one of the best pieces of DLC that from soft have delivered, in that regard Gael could be argued to be an excellent final boss to the series, as far as being the final boss to be fought in a piece of DLC he has more than earned his ranking of being one of the best bosses to grace the SoulsBorne series.

I would just like to mention that we never met Velka, Gwyns wife and mother to several of his children though I’m not sure about what impact she could have had if she was the final boss. It might have been nice to meet her at some point, then again this is dark souls and some things are doomed to remain a mystery.

So there you have it my thoughts on who the final boss of one of the video game series ever made should have been. I’m interested to hear what you guys think though, did you think Gael was a worthy boss to close out Dark Souls? Was there a different character you felt should have had that honour? Please let me know.


Dark Souls 3, The Abyss Watchers

Welcome back to my SoulsBorne boss series.

Previously I discussed Aldrich, the devourer of gods. In my last post I mentioned how my favourite lord of cinder boss wasn’t actually Aldrich, rather it was the Abyss Watchers. There are plenty other bosses that have earned my attention from all throughout the SoulsBorne franchise but I think that I should discuss the Abyss Watchers now as I have already revealed that I hold them in a high regard. Perhaps this is because I consider this to be the moment where the true Dark Souls experience begins in Dark Souls 3.

Let me start by stating the obvious, The Abyss Watchers are a lord of cinder, beings that were powerful enough to link the flame, resurrected as a final hope to link the fire once more. They are the first lord of cinder that our Ashen one encounters on their journey, they are found in Farrons Keep. As I have already established before we the ashen one are charged with a duty to return the Watchers to their seat to link the fire once again. There is some interesting lore surrounding this lord of cinder, as their name suggests they are the watchers of the abyss, their duty is to fight the abyss much like Artorias the Abyss walker, though as we all well know Artorias himself succumbed to the Abyss turning him into the boss that we fought in Dark Souls 1.

The Abyss Watchers are the leaders of the Undead Legion, also known as Farron’s Undead Legion, sworn enemies of the Abyss they will destroy entire kingdoms should they show even the slightest sign of exposure.

“The legion will bury kingdom at the first sign of exposure” Hawkwood, in firelink shrine.

As we approach the final stretch of Farron Keep before reaching the Abyss Watchers two dark wraiths are seen fighting against the Gru making their way towards the boss room, could they possibly be attempting to defeat the Watchers too? This is a thought that intrigues me, I certainly believe that the dark wraiths did have the intention of reaching the Abyss Watchers but for What purpose, id be interested in hearing what you thoughts you guys have on this.

They look up to the wolf blood master who is heavily implied to be knight Artorias, this would make sense due to him being the legendary knight who fought against the abyss, the fact that his sword is one of two potential weapons to be received through trading the soul received upon defeating the Watchers also lends some credibility to this. With it being believed that they all shared the blood, potentially blending all their souls into one, a theory supported by the fire likely only being able to be linked by one being at a time. however if the Abyss watchers were all linked by the wolf blood they would of been able to link the fire, sacrificing their individuality in the process, thus creating a never ending war between them..

“The blood was spread amongst the Abyss Watchers, and their souls are one with the soul of the wolf blood master”

While we are on the topic of souls, now might be a good time to discuss what you the ashen one may receive in return for transposing the soul of the blood of the wolf, you receive this soul upon defeating the Abyss Watchers. The first weapon you may receive is the sword of the watchers themselves, the Farron Greatsword. this weapons consists of a greatsword being wielded in the right hand, while a dagger is being utilised in the left hand, if timed correctly you may parry an opponent with the use of the dagger creating a critical hit opportunity with the greatsword. The second weapon that you may receive for transposing their soul is The Wolf Knights Greatsword, this happens to be the weapon of knight Artorias, this is a sword designed to defeat those who have been tainted by the abyss, while this sword deals additional damage to standard enemies that have been tainted by the abyss there are also these bosses that are weak against this sword, Aldrich, High Lord Wolnir and the Dragonslayer Armour.

Reaching the Abyss Watchers is no simple task for they are found behind the perimeter gate in Farron keep, in order to open the gate 3 ritual fires must be extinguished. all 3 of these fires are found around the swamp of Farron Keep, with Grus and the effects of poison being the main obstacles for the ashen one to overcome. Having extinguished all 3 flames you may pass through the gate into the Farron Keep perimeter, there is only a short way to go now until you reach your goal.

The boss fight itself is easily one of the best not just in Dark Souls 3 but across the entire series, the atmosphere surrounding the fight was immense. the moves of the Watchers was fluent, it flowed well, they were graceful as they moved, as they swung their swords, the mechanics of the fight were smooth with no clunky movements present. It was in this moment that I truly thought this is it, this is Dark Souls!

There is a unique element to this fight, something that I wasn’t expecting to see in a Souls boss battle, one of the Watchers will attack his fellow brethren, essentially helping the ashen one by evening the odds slightly, this isn’t to say that they won’t turn their attention to the ashen one should they be closer to him than the other Watchers are. This hasn’t been seen in a souls fight before. they all share that one soul, this could be the cause for the fighting that occurs between themselves as the soul must move between each Abyss Watcher.

Hawkwood an NPC character that we meet in the fire link shrine was once a member of the undead legion, perhaps he was an Abyss Watcher himself once, for he seems to know some key knowledge about them. this theory has some credibility, should you follow Hawkwoods storyline through till the end you will have fight with him in the boss room of the Abyss Watchers, potentially this could hold meaning to Hawkwood, to defeat the ashen one where his former brothers could not. Hawkwood also happens to share the same armour as the Abyss Watchers minus the helmet.

Interestingly the boss room is blocking a secret entrance to the catacombs of carthus a place that has been contaminated by the Abyss, high lord Wolnir the boss of the catacombs fell into the Abyss himself, Wolnir appears to fear the Abyss when we fight him but that is discussion for another time. This could very well be the reason for why we find the Abyss Watchers blocking the entrance to Carthus, preventing us and any other beings from coming into contact with the Abyss.

It is a two phase fight, the first being an all out brawl between the ashen one and several Abyss Watchers, as we enter the room we see two Watchers fighting, ultimately one kills the other thus now drawing their attention to you. The fight may start one on one but after a set amount of time a second Watcher will join the fight targeting you, again after a set amount of time a third Watcher will rise who will fight the other Watchers. this continues until the health bar of the Abyss Watchers is completely depleted. following this one single Abyss Watcher rises amongst his fallen brothers utilising fire in his attacks, causing his attack radius to increase as well as dealing additional fire damage, though the move set does appear to be the same as the previous Watchers.

For someone who was new to the world of Dark Souls I would say that the Abyss Watchers could have been somewhat of a struggle for them, as I stated above I consider this to be the moment our adventure as the ashen one becomes challenging. For someone new to Dark Souls a boss fight consisting of multiple enemies could be rather intimidating, for a veteran of the series these sorts of boss fights have become common place, they are expected. For those who have indeed fought their way through the world of Dark Souls multiple times before they might have a true appreciation for the Abyss Watchers as they are a gank boss done right. Honestly I’d say this is the best gank boss fight since the legendary Ornstein & Smough, not once did it feel forced like random characters simply thrown together to make a ‘boss’ fight. No this fight had meaning, this fight displayed the eternal conflict the Watchers have amongst themselves.

For me personally I would rank the Abyss Watchers to be in my top 10 for SoulsBorne bosses if not just slipping into my top 5! When you consider the lore behind them, their eternal war amongst themselves, the boss fight itself and the atmosphere surrounding it, I find it difficult to deliver criticism about this boss.

Dark Souls 3, Aldrich the devourer of gods.

After having discussed my thoughts on the Dancer of the Boreal Valley and my fascination with her I have decided to turn that into a series of posts based around the bosses of not just Dark Souls 3 but the souls series as a whole, this includes Bloodborne. There are several bosses from Dark Souls 3 that I hold in high regards, the majority of Dark Souls 3 bosses dominate the top half of the bosses from the franchise as a whole therefore I will follow on from the Dancer with another boss that shares the same game as she does.

The whole point of Dark Souls 3 is that we the Ashen one have a duty, a duty to return all lords of cinder to their chairs in the firelink shrine so that the fire may be linked once more. There are 4 of these beings, The Abyss Watchers, Yhorm the giant, Aldrich the devourer of gods and the twin princes Lorian and Lothric. While the Abyss Watchers are my second favourite boss fight of this game, being the fight that I feel truly turns Dark Souls 3 into its true souls experience I’m not going to talk about them today instead we are going to discuss Aldrich, Devourer of gods. there is plenty of intrigue surrounding the saint of the deep, he brings a fair amount of curiosity out of me.

The reason that I want to discuss Aldrich first is simple, he was forced to become a lord of cinder by being locked up, this wasn’t done for his valour or virtue but it was done for his might instead thanks to all the men he had consumed. When consuming a man one can only assume that Aldrich consumed their soul also making him the perfect choice to link the flame. Aldrich hails from Irythll of the Boreal Valley, though he became a cleric he developed a taste for human flesh, he ate so many men that he bloated like a pig and softened into sludge as a result he was locked in the cathedral of the deep.

aldich sludge.jpg

The Deacons are followers of Aldrich in fact they believe him to be their master, this is quite clearly shown by the fact that the Deacons of the deep are guarding the tomb of their master, the saint of the deep. We also find Deacons along the path to Anor Londo, they can also be found in Anor Londo itself with 3 of them waiting outside of their master’s boss room as he enjoys his meal. There is a lot more to discuss with the deacons but I will save that for another time. When we arrive at the cathedral of the deep we are expecting to find the saint of the deep, we don’t find Aldrich though we do discover that he has returned to his home in the Boreal Valley making this our next destination after our decimation of his followers.

One of the ArchDeacons known as Mcdonnel travelled with Aldrich going on to found a covenant dedicated to the Devourer of gods, The Aldrich Faithful. This covenant was dedicated to ensuring no one could reach Anor Londo so their master remained undisturbed, and this was with good reason. In the cathedral of Anor Londo Aldrich is in the process of devouring someone, this isn’t some ordinary man, no this is a god. Gwyndolin the son of the great lord Gwyn, is being devoured by Aldrich. Pontiff Sulyvhan locked up a member of the old royalty who we now know to be Gwyndolin, once we disturb this mass of sludge he assumes control of Gwyndolin giving him the use of not only what remains on Gwyndolin but the powerful sorceries and Darkmoon bow that he utilises. It is worth noting that Gwyndolin had fallen ill prior to be captured and devoured so fighting about likely wasn’t a viable option for this god. There is so much to discuss in regards to Gwyndolin but this is about Aldrich, Gods is plural this indicates that he may have devoured more than the one confirmed god. There is a theory that he has devoured Nito due to having the grave lord sword, for me personally I find this to be highly unlikely as we destroyed Nito in Dark Souls 1.


Aldrich also happens to have the use of the lifehunt scythe which he supposedly learned when he dreamed of the young pale girl in hiding but who is to say he didn’t track down Priscilla devouring her just as he has done to Gwyndolin.

Now that we have some background to the saint of the deep let’s discuss his boss fight. For me entering that boss room was in a strange way nostalgic as we are now facing Aldrich in the same room that we once faced Ornstein and Smough in, I felt that this was a nice touch by from software, the fact that we are fighting a lord of cinder in the process of devouring Gwyndolin when before we were fighting to meet his sister is ironic to me. We needed to defeat O+S to meet Gwynevere, she resided at the back of the cathedral, I just think it’s clever how everything has played out here.

As I have already stated Aldrich was able to use Gwyndolin as a puppet, he used the Dark moon bow to shoot a flurry of arrows our way as well as the soul spear sorcery. In a way I found this to be somewhat sad, think about it, this all powerful god was not only being devoured but his powers, his abilities were also being used against his will, honestly I do believe that Gwyndolin was still alive during this fight. My key reason for thinking this way is that upon defeating Aldrich we receive his soul, his soul is dark blue more than likely due to the effect that the deep has had on him. However if you pay close attention you can see a smaller golden soul inside of Aldrich’s darker one, this is probably Gwyndolins giving merit to the belief that he was still alive upon our arrival.

Back to the fight. I did struggle against Aldrich to begin with, the sorceries kept hitting their mark on me and they did deal a staggering amount of damage, the only problem with getting in close to hit him was the arrows that he could shoot at me, it would cause me to retreat, for if I didn’t I would surely die amongst the arrows. When you do get in close he disappears only to reappear on the other side of the room, giving us the challenge of avoiding sorceries and arrows to get in close again. His sword and lifehunt scythe didn’t give me much trouble at all I found those attacks to be predictable making them easy to dodge. Once I was in close I could deal huge amounts of damage, being close wasn’t ever a problem with this fight. Another thing that captures my attention during the fight is the state of the cathedral, its covered in what I can only assume is the sludge or left overs of Aldrich, not to mention all the bones that you can see throughout the room, it was a gorgeous room when we were last there but now it is a disgusting dark shell of what it was.

The Dancer of Dark Souls 3


In a previous post I mentioned that The Dancer of the Boreal Valley is my favourite boss from Dark Souls 3 and while I may have given some slight reasoning for this I didn’t explain why this boss became somewhat of a fascination for me. You see the SoulsBorne universe is filled with over 100 bosses so for a boss to be a personal favourite to anybody not just me they have to tick all of the right boxes, the lore, the look and the difficulty are the main factors that determine the credibility of a boss.

The Dancer has got some very interesting lore behind her. There is a theory among the SoulsBorne community that she could be the daughter of Gwynevere, a theory that I do believe to be true. Think about it, when you transpose the soul of the Dancer you have 2 choices, the dual swords she wields which are a lot of fun to use but more importantly you have the second option of transposing her soul for the soothing sunlight miracle, a miracle that is strongly associated with the princess of sunlight Gwynevere who happens to be the daughter of Gwyn the first lord of cinder. If the Dancer was the daughter of Gwynevere it would make her a member of the old royalty. For me this brings so much more to not only the character of the Dancer but also other characters such as Pontif Sulyvhan considering the Dancer is one of his outrider knights.

Imagine if this is true if she is the daughter of Gwynevere that would mean that we the unkindled have killed Gwyn, the Dancer, the Nameless king (first born of Gwyn), potentially Gwyndolin (though he is consumed by Aldrich despite what you did in Dark Souls 1), oceiros and Lorian & Lothric of course this is if the theory of Gwynevere being the queen of Lothric is true. This would mean that we have killed every member of Gwneveres family except for her mother, well if that isn’t enough to make her show up in the last piece of Dark Souls 3 DLC I don’t know what will. If on the flip side she wasn’t a member of the old royal family, she certainly was a daughter of the old royal family of Irythll, becoming a Dancer by the orders of the Pontiff when he took over, following this she forced to become a legioneer which means she was exiled.

The movements of the Dancer are fluent, graceful and elegant. It truly does feel like a dance, the fight keeps you on your toes, you need to watch her, study her to learn her movements to dodge, block or counter her. She poses a challenge, a real threat. She is preventing us from entering Lothric castle where our final lord of cinder is hiding. The boss room is dark, with the previously open door being shut by the entrance of the Dancer, I feel like this was the perfect boss room for this sort of fight, the atmosphere was unnerving as you fought this creature with her armour fused to her hide.

Another thing I like about this boss is that if you like to inflict pain upon yourself or simply want endure a painfully difficult challenge then you can force the Dancer out much earlier than intended, you can kill Emma as soon as you encounter her, a bit harsh if you ask me but I’m not here to tell you how to play the game and if killing a helpless old lady to give yourself a challenge is worth it well then you kill that old lady. But I tried to defeat the dancer before even fighting Vordt and that ended horribly, honestly I take my hat of to anybody that defeated her at that stage.

I’ll leave you with one final thought, in Irythll we find two ghostly figures that seem to be male and female walking together down the street just like the previous figure that was walking alone, but the female of the pair appears to have the helmet of the Dancer. Could this be the Dancer and perhaps Vordt since it has been stated that they were always together. It would make sense since their boss are opposite each other in the courtyard. It’s sad to think about what the Pontiff did to the this Dancer, I believe she was a member of the old royalty, the Pontiff had to deal with her in some way after he had left Gwyndolin to be devoured by Aldrich and locked up Yorshka.

Maybe in the future I’ll write more about Dark Souls, perhaps I’ll rank every boss in SoulsBorne, or maybe we can look at the areas through out the series.


Dark Souls 3, MY GOTY 2016

Here it is, here is my choice for the game of the year for 2016, Dark Souls 3. I’m going to assume that there are some obvious reasons for why I would hold this game in a high enough regard to give it the honour of being my game of the year. Let me get the most obvious reason out of the way, the incredible boss fights.

If there is one thing that the Souls games are known for is the boss fights, it’s a defining feature of these games, without the bosses there is no chance that Dark Souls would be as notorious as it is for the challenge that it inflicts upon those who play it. While reaching the bosses of the various areas of Dark Souls 3 can be a challenge in itself most of the time it is simply preparing you for what you are about to endure. Working my way through Irythll of the Boreal Valley was a nightmare, when I first arrived there after having defeated Wolnir on my first try. For me it was then that Dark Souls 3 truly hit that notorious point of being difficult, soon as I stepped foot on that bridge into Irythll I was met with that rather disgusting, intimidating monster known as Sulyvahn’s beast, it was part crocodile part beast but all scary. I knew from that point that it was going to be a tough fight through the area, with it more than likely ending in a painfully difficult boss fight, painful doesn’t even begin to describe the experience of defeating Pontiff Sulyvahn, this insane tyrant was easily one of the biggest challenges for me in the entire game.

The Pontiff wasn’t my favourite boss fight, though he certainly proved to be worthy of being the mid game boss of a Souls game. No my favourite boss fight of Dark Souls 3 was The Dancer of The Boreal Valley, the way she moved was so precise, so graceful, so intimidating. There are many reasons for the Dancer being my personal favourite boss of what I consider to be one of the best games of the series, the lore behind the Dancer is intriguing it’s some of my favourite lore, it would seem as though the Dancer is a member of the old royalty through being the daughter of Gwynevere, which is supported by the miracle you can transpose her soul for. I could keep talking about the Dancer for this whole post but I have plenty of other content to cover so perhaps I will go into further detail on my fascination with the Dancer another time. As a whole I think along with BloodBorne Dark Souls 3 mostly had a solid cast of bosses with only a few posing little to no threat at all, such as the Deacons, the Curse Rotted Great Wood, and the Crystal Sage. I think it would be fair to say that if all the bosses of the Souls series were ranked together, Dark Souls 3s bosses would dominate the top half alongside BloodBorne. I think for me the hardest boss of all was the Nameless King and just like the Dancer the lore surrounding his fight helped to cement his status as being one of the best Souls bosses to date. I have to give a special mention to Sister Friede and Father Ariandel, that boss fight was a thing of beauty, unfortunately the DLC The Ashes of Ariandel was too short but the main boss fight was a first for the series with it being a 3 phase 3 different health bars fight. That’s right to defeat the DLC you have to wipe out Friedes health bar 3 times, as well as Father Ariandels health bar in the second phase.  

What else besides the bosses could this game have that has made it a clear winner in my mind, well a couple of different things, since I have already touched upon the lore of this game I think that would be the best aspect to discuss next. Lore is a big factor in Dark Souls, it always has been, many people have enjoyed sharing their thoughts and speculations over the years with each passing souls game, while I may not have publicly voiced my opinion about the lore over the years I have had my fair share of ideas and thoughts about the few facts From Software have given us and about the various things that From Soft has insinuated rather than solid fact. That’s part of what makes Dark Souls 3 incredible, yes there are facts in the lore in this game, it has confirmed and dismantled various beliefs amongst the community, however there are certain things that From Soft haven’t confirmed or denied. They have left much of the story to our imaginations for us to interpret the lore as we see fit, because you see our journey as the unkindled, as the ashen one is exactly that, it’s our journey and the open ended lore helps to cement your individual journey through the age of fire.

Finally, the atmosphere of this game is thick with death, danger and an unknowing. One the first run through of these games you don’t know what is round the corner, you don’t know how many enemies stand between you and victory. There is a strong under layer of emotion that can be felt in the atmosphere, the cathedral of the deep I find to be a sad solemn area, this is where Aldrich clearly turned the Deacons that were once part of the way of white. Or in Irythll where Pontiff Sulyvhan now rules through force destroying what was once a beautiful place.

Dark Souls 3 gripped me from the very beginning, it made me invest so much of my time into preserving the age of fire. Never have I felt so accomplished about beating a game, since I won the platinum trophy for this game I can truly say that I did it, I took on the danger of Lothric, I conquered all Lords of Cinder, I finally saw this long enduring journey come to an end.