Crash is nearly here!!

Finally we have hit that important month, the month where the end of it is going to bring an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia to PlayStation owners worldwide. The 27th of June marks the release of one of the most anticipated remastered titles ever, Crash Bandicoot is going to make a very welcome transition to PS4... Continue Reading →

Crash through the years, 1998

Here we are, my favourite game in the whole of the Crash Bandicoot franchise. Crash Bandicoot Warped. The year is 1998, by this point Crash has had two games released in the previous two years, so we all knew what to expect from Warped. It was set to be another platformer where we needed to... Continue Reading →

Crash through the years, 1997

Let’s go back to 1997, the year Crash Bandicoot appeared on our PlayStations for the second time. Crash Bandicoot 2 Cortex Strikes Back was once again a platformer, with plenty of fun environments in which the levels took place, as the title suggests we were once again to fight Cortex, to prevent him from destroying... Continue Reading →

Crash through the years, 1996

Now that we can officially say Crash Bandicoot the N Sanity trilogy is coming out this year! I figured now was a game time to look at Crash through the years, from his first game in 1996 to present day.  1996 was a magical year for gaming, especially for the PlayStation, Resident Evil and Tomb... Continue Reading →

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