Dragon Age 4 in trouble?

Are Bioware determined to make sure that their established game titles fail? It sure feels that way with the recent news in regards to Dragon Age 4. I personally didn’t mind Andromeda, I know many people didn’t enjoy it, leading to many complaints and a cancel in any future DLC plans for the game, but... Continue Reading →

Mass Effect trilogy Remaster?

A Burnout: Paradise remaster holds no appeal to me what so ever, you know what does appeal to me though? That EA have gone back on their word that they will focus purely on new IPs as opposed to remastering already released games. This gives me an all new hope that there may still be... Continue Reading →

Bioware confirms new Dragon Age!

Fovfmtgkgjgihmthgkbvdvlkfvdlv!!! That is essentially my reaction to discovering that there is a new Dragon Age in the works, and in case my incredible words (word?) didn’t sum up my feelings well enough I am officially ecstatic! Dragon Age has long been a series I have held a strong fondness for with Dragon Age Inquisition being... Continue Reading →

Bioware confirms no ME: Andromeda DLC!

It’s official, the team behind Mass Effect Andromeda have just confirmed that there will be no further work done to this game for single player what so ever. This includes the patch updates, 1.10 is confirmed to be the last patch for Andromeda. This means no DLC, no closure on the Quarian ark. The Quarians... Continue Reading →

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