Agony: My thoughts so far

When I say I am truly disappointed, I don’t mean “oh it had these problems but it was still great” “or I expected more but it enjoyed it none the less”. No when I say that I am disappointed I truly mean it, Agony congratulations on becoming the first game that I will be doing... Continue Reading →

My journey through Lordran (DSR) part 4

Part 4 of my journey through Lordran involved me venturing into a place so hellish, so unforgiving that From Software even prevented certain enemies from respawning (that’s when you know an area is truly horrendous). I am of course talking about the beautiful wonder that is Blighttown, and by beautiful wonder I mean poisonous disgusting... Continue Reading →

My journey through Lordran (DSR)

So I have finally taken the plunge…EEEEK! I have finally started my first ever lets play on YouTube, there was never gonna be a better time to start than right now with the Dark Souls remaster! I have got plenty of posts planned for not just Dark Souls Remastered but the Souls series as a... Continue Reading →

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