Dragon Age 4 in trouble?

Are Bioware determined to make sure that their established game titles fail? It sure feels that way with the recent news in regards to Dragon Age 4. I personally didn’t mind Andromeda, I know many people didn’t enjoy it, leading to many complaints and a cancel in any future DLC plans for the game, but... Continue Reading →

Location for new Assassins Creed game?

Recently there has been a rumour circulating around through the wonders of the internet and I seriously hope that this rumour fruitions into reality. One of the biggest questions that is always asked when discussing the next Assassins Creed is the location in which it will take place, now what I am about to discuss... Continue Reading →

New Tomb Raider game confirmed!!

There have been rumours circulating for quite some time, and finally it has been officially announced that there is a new Tomb Raider game in the works! The new title is called Shadow of The Tomb Raider, it is slated for release on September 14th of this year, not long to wait at all really!... Continue Reading →

Mass Effect trilogy Remaster?

A Burnout: Paradise remaster holds no appeal to me what so ever, you know what does appeal to me though? That EA have gone back on their word that they will focus purely on new IPs as opposed to remastering already released games. This gives me an all new hope that there may still be... Continue Reading →

Dark Souls: Dark Sun Gwyndolin

So with the announcement of the Dark Souls remake (YAY!) I decided it was time that I actually dived into the lore and mechanics of a Dark Souls 1 boss fight (can’t believe I haven’t done one yet!). Now there are several bosses that I believe had a strong case to have the honour of... Continue Reading →

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