Maiden: A quick look at the Resident evil village demo

So, it finally happened, the Resident Evil showcase, and what a treat it was for fans around the world.

During the event, a new trailer for Resident Evil Village was shown, as well as a first look at actual gameplay.

However, more than that, PS5 players were treated to a brand new demo, dubbed Maiden. Unfortunately, the short showcase will not be available on other platforms, though a new demo will be available to everyone in the coming months.

For those that were able to get their hands on Maiden, we can all agree that it was a fantastic 15 minute experience. However, for people that were after a taste of combat, you may be disappointed as this demo was clearly designed to show off the graphics, setting and atmosphere.

Though, make no mistake, Maiden was a fantastic showcase for the latest entry in the Resident Evil franchise. At just 15 to 20 minutes in length, the playable demo gave us a taste of what it will be like for Ethan Winters to traverse the horrors of the castle.

Maiden was shrouded in atmosphere, with an eeriness to be found in every room. At no point do you feel safe, it gave an authentic survival feel. From a dark and dank dungeon, to a strangely beautiful castle, Resident Evil Village will certainly be a pleasure to explore upon release.

Yet again, the game will be played in first person, which only added to the intensity in Maiden. Especially when coming face to face with a certain tall lady. Yes, I am aware of her name but let’s be honest, she will always be the tall lady.

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