Demon’s Souls: My Journey to black character tendency

First off, let me just say that character tendency in Demon’s Souls is a huge pain in the ass. More so than world tendency, and trust me, that is a humdinger until you wrap your head around it.

In context, Character Tendency is simple. White is good an black is bad. So, if you have a pure white tendency, you are basically a saint and will be rewarded as such. Life becomes a little bit easier for you in Boletaria.

However, we are not here to discuss white character tendency, hell no! We are going to discuss my journey to pure black character tendency and ramifications of being, well, a bit of an asshole to say the least.

Who are you?

It all began with this blonde chick in the Nexus. You know the one. The one with the ponytail taht keeps freaking out about gods and faith? Yeah that one, oh and she says Umbasa…a lot. Anyway, what does she do? I’m serious if you know her purpose in life for the love of God, tell me!

So, I kept talking to her, thinking “hey, maybe she will do something interesting, show me some magic or give me a little faith.” Did I get any of that, did I buggery! Instead, she just talks utter bollocks and so, one little meeting, I had enough.

Before she could utter Umbasa for the hundredth time, I wrapped my halberd around her head and boy did it feel good. So I did it again and again, until she faded into dust. You may ask, did she feel guilty? And I can tell you with complete confidence that no, I bloody didn’t, I felt great!

From there, I went back to slaying demons and killing what I should kill, but that just wasn’t exciting anymore. Therefore, I decided to kill the dude wallowing in self-pity, all he was gonna do was disappear and leave a soul behind so why not speed things up?

Hey, I am good at this!

So with two murders under my belt in Boletaria, my character tendency was beginning to shift. We were falling into the black, and what a thrill it was.

Anyway, I was in Upper Latria, and some fool invaded. Now, I’m not calling them a fool because I’m a PVP Goddess, no, I’m calling them a fool because…gravity. Not that I am the best person to invade anyway mind you, but that is a story for another time.

As I was working my way through the level, I saw a guy in a cage, and figured I’d let him out you know, be a good girl, well kinda. So this dude looked badass like he could cause some damage and he was thankful, that was enough for now.

Moving on, I completed Upper Latria, then beat the Old Monk. Then, I decided to be the boss myself. This person entered the boss room and boom, we are off…for three seconds as I promptly one-shot them with my halberd. Apparently, their naked self was not prepared.

Next, I went to the Nexus, and I found two dead bodies! Ones that I was not responsible for! Did this freak me out? Did this make me think I need to find out who did it for redemption? NO! It made me want to find out who did it so I could show the bastard how it was done! You do not come into my yard and take my fun! No sir, you bloody don’t!

So, I had a look around and who did I find, bloody Yurt, the guy I saved in Latria. He was killing people. In another life dude, we could have been friends, but I kill people in the Nexus, not you! Our fight was hard-fought…was it heck! For a badass looking guy he didn’t really threaten me much.

Assassin Souls

Having killed Yurt, I was greeted by a mysterious woman. Clearly, she was no stranger to dodgy dealings. Mephistopheles had an offer for me, one that I simply couldn’t refuse. She would reward me for killing people! Finally, someone that recognises my skills.

My next victim, the poor sod, was the loyal follower of Saint Urbain. I say loyal, more of a cowardly follower but hey ho, I was asked to off him and Urbain himself and who am I to say no? This guy clearly had no idea that I was coming, he was dead before he could plead to his god.

Next was the Saint himself. This required me to head to The Ritual Path. Fortunately, this wasn’t my first rodeo, so I knew where to find all NPCs. Sure enough, I jumped into the hole, Patches wasn’t here, but we will get to him later. Saint Urbain was waiting, praying as he does. Clearly, his god failed to give him a sign as to his impending doom.

I return to the crazy lady, collect my prize and my new task, kill Sage Freke and his apprentice. Gladly, that apprentice has had a stick up his ass all game and frankly, it is a miracle I hadn’t already killed him. Naturally, he fell with no issues, as did Freke, though I did like the older magician, ah well.

Yet again, I return to Mephistopheles, we conclude our dodgy deal, then she gives me another task. Kill Patches. YES! OKAY! YOU GOT IT, LADY! I’d kill this asshole for free! As I mentioned earlier, he was not in The Ritual Path. This is because I had already seen him in the Stonefang Tunnels, but couldn’t be bothered with him at the time, good thing too cause now I get goodies for offing him! Quite literally, I knocked him into the lava below.

I almost feel bad

Right, we are now entering the territory where I feel slightly uneasy about my murders, then I stab something else, and it passes.

Anyway, it is time to kill Ostrava, the poor knight that I have been helping survive this shit hole known as Boletaria. I helped in the Gates of Boletaria, The Lord’s Path and the Inner Ward! That is a lot of effort to just then kill the guy, yet that is what I did, gots to get those shinies yo!

Speaking of effort, the last two tasks handed to us from Mephistopheles truly are effort! Biorr and Yuria. The former requires a key found in the Inner Ward, you then return to The Lord’s Path to bust the knight of jail. Whilst there, we kill another dude to take his key which lets us into a new area in the Inner Ward. Still with me? No, well too bad. Next, we dress up as an official climb to the top of a tower and rescue…a princess! Wait, wrong story. We rescue a witch.

See, it is a ton of effort to go through to then just kill them, yet that is what I did. Both seemed shocked, hell, I was shocked! Not because I felt bad for them but because I felt terrible for me, what a waste of my time. However, Mephistopheles did give me a shiny ring to use when I invade other players, so there is that.

Moving on, I was done. This was it. I had killed everybody on that crazy chick’s hit list! Surely I must have earned her favour, right? She’s gonna help me survive the final boss right…right!? Wrong!

Don’t F**k with me

I return to Mephistopheles. I collect my shiny looking ring after killing Yuria. She seems impressed like she wasn’t expecting me to pull through with my kills and my epicness, but I did!

So, I was done, or so I thought. The crazy woman turned her blade on me…ME! I went through all that shit, did her dirty work, for her to believe she could stab me! Oh hell no, imma go full Hulk on her ass…not in that way, mind out of the gutter people!

As we crossed blades, I could not believe the nerve of this woman, though I had to admire her guts. I had just killed all these people, yet she thinks it is a good idea to take me on…pfft…idiot. Mephistopheles made herself my next victim, and you know what, that was my most satisfying kill.

But wait! We are not done! Now, you are all probably wondering who is left for me to slice in half. Really, no one that is worth it or deserves. However, I like trophies, and one of which requires me to have all of the rings. 

So, we are at the end of the game. I need only talk to the Maiden in Black to finish. Then I realise I could get the ring of herculean strength, all I need to do is head back into the Gates of Boletaria, you know, the first level and pick up the Jade ornament for Stockpile Thomas.

Remember how I said I don’t like effort? Well, that applies here as instead of getting the item I killed Thomas.

And to think, he thought I had a heart of gold. Well, it’s not, my world is black, and I love it!

Well, there you have it, my journey to black character tendency in Demon’s Souls. Hope you guys enjoyed, and if you would like to hear more about my journey through Boletaria or the bosses found within, let me know!


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