AC Valhalla: Questions with strangegirl and lee a vockins part 2

Carrying on from the last post, with the epic Lee A Vockins, here are more questions from the lands of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.   

Aesthetically speaking, which country did you prefer? England or Norway?


They were both gorgeous to look at, albeit for different reasons. However, given I live in England, it was nice to get a taste of Norway since I have never been. Oh, and who doesn’t love snow, sea and mountains, a beautiful combination.

Lee A:

Although I absolutely love the snowy lands of Norway, I’m enjoying running around and witnessing the history of my homeland, England. It’s just as I had always imagined it. Castles everywhere. Forests to explore. Beautiful rivers. And mud… lots of mud. Not a lot has changed…  

What was the first building you constructed in your settlement?


Bloody hell, this is going to take some thinking, I first sorted by settlement about 66 hours ago in gameplay time. But, I have a feeling it was The Hidden One’s Bureau. Although, rest assured that as soon as the brewery became an option that was my top priority, gotta have that mead right? 

Lee A:

I constructed the Hidden Ones Bureau first, because assassins. Had to be done, right? And I didn’t regret it, because after assassinating your first few Order members, you get an awesome ability; the ability to poison people! Very assassin-like.

As a Viking, what your role within the clan be, and what would your clan be called?


The one that gets drunk at parties? No, not a viable option? Then I guess I would be a raider; there is no way that I would want to miss out on the action. Completing the raids on Assassins Creed Valhalla gave me a sense of accomplishment, in an, ‘I’m gonna take this shit and don’t you try and stop me’ sort of way.

As for the name of my clan, we would be the squishy bears.

Lee A:

I would definitely be the chieftain, calling all the shots. I’m not very good at taking orders from anyone, so I see this being my only option as a Viking with many axes. Although my ambition would probably get the better of me, and my reign wouldn’t last very long… I’d probably get assassinated.

We would be the Scions of Shadow, because we would strike, unseen, at night, and all they would see is a flurry of axes from the darkness.   

Thus far, have you preferred exploring England or Norway?


Can I choose both? See, there are different reasons for my appreciation for each country. As I have already stated several times, I love the snowy surroundings of Norway. However, given that I live in England, it was amazing to explore certain cities such as London or Winchester, the latter of which I lived in for two years. Therefore, I would have to say England has been my favourite. 

Lee A:

Although I am very much enjoying the aesthetic of England, exploring Norway was probably more exciting, because it’s where we begin our journey. I always love those beginnings of an RPG when you start with nothing and have to explore to become a mighty warrior. And there is just something about Valhalla’s Norway that I will always remember. It’s a beautiful area, and a very well-paced part of the story.  

Did you pursue a romance? If so, who?


Yes, I did! I went for Randvi. That’s right. I chose Eivor’s sister in law. I mean, the seeker told us we would betray Sigurd, so I decided to get a jump on things. That, and she is clearly the best romance option in the game. 

Well, perhaps I will give Brodhr a go at some point, his proposition at the wedding was pretty ballsy.

Lee A:

I stumbled upon a romance with Randvi. Couldn’t resist a badass babe with a hammer.

What alliance was your favourite?


There are many alliances to be forged in Valhalla, but my favourite one has to be London. I am rooting for Stowe and Erke, come on boys, get your shit together!

Lee A:

My favourite so far has to be the Oswald story arc. That dude seemed so feeble at the beginning… but oh how wrong we were! We later find that he has, in fact, the makings of a good Viking.

What boss fight has proven to be the most challenging?


Fenrir, hands down. I was only level 160 when I took on the beast of legend when it is recommended that you be 280, and I can see why. Although, being the mighty Viking warrior that I am, I took Fenrir down on my first attempt.

Lee A:

Oh, the witches that give the Thor armour! I stumbled upon one at quite a low level but managed to beat her after a couple of attempts. Then later on, I stumbled upon another, and she was thrice my level. I’m not ashamed to say that I ran away. Not very Viking of me, I know. They are a remarkably interesting fight, that require skill (and an adequate power level) to defeat. Learning their attack patterns and when to parry or dodge reminded me a lot of Dark souls and its like. 

There we have it folks! A huge thank you to Lee A Vockins for working with me on this, no doubt we will team up again in the near future.

Hope you all enjoyed our little insight into Valhalla. The game is stunning and was such a treat to play. Keep your eyes peeled, I may post my full thoughts on the game!

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