My thoughts on The Last of Us Part II spoilers: Spoiler free

Spoilers are a devastating thing, especially when leaked ahead of a game’s release.

No doubt you would have heard about The Last of Us Part II leaks – who hasn’t at this point – however, some have managed to avoid them. I was not so lucky as they made their way to my DMs; many others have also seen the spoilers.

To say the reaction to this has been unfavourable would be an understatement, and not because the games been spoiled per se, but more because of the game’s contents and story. I will not mention what those spoilers are out of respect to those that want to wait.

However, I will say that I am bitterly disappointed with the supposed direction of the game. I say supposed due to leaks being subject to context, yes I have witnessed clips (after having it spoiled I figured I might as well see the evidence) and certain things are guaranteed at this point. However, I feel I need to say that myself and others could be wrong, and it could play out well with the full context.

But, for now, I am disappointed. Now, I would never attack Neil Druckmann nor the team at Naughty Dog that created the game. Everyone is entitled to their creative vision though that doesn’t mean anybody has to like it.

Although, let’s take a slight detour and say that if the rumours as to why these leaks occurred are true, Druckmann and Naughty Dog learned a harsh lesson – pay your damn employees what they are owed and do not work them into the ground!

Back on track, for me personally, I became invested in The Last of Us because of Joel and Ellie. To me, the pair are the main selling point. Yes, the story was phenomenal, but relatable and in-depth characters helped out massively. So, to hear what I have listened to and see what I have seen has caused some devastation. Again, perhaps when the game is released, I will at least learn to like the direction or maybe understand it if nothing else.

Context is critical; without it, things can get blurred. Having said that, since the spoilers have been confirmed, many will have negative opinions. Yes, that does include me, but I will not hurl abuse. I will say I would have taken another direction, and I had hoped for different; I don’t see the need for certain aspects.

Do I think this will damage the sales for The Last of Us 2? Yes, I do believe it will take a slight hit, though it would have been a lot worse had this occurred a week or two prior to release, just as pre-orders were being shipped.

Do I think it will still be a Game of the Year contender? Absolutely. I do not have to like something to recognise a certain genius. An example would be Red Dead Redemption 2, I am not a fan, but I can certainly see why other people enjoy it. It could be the same with TLOU2, and there is a strong possibility – for now at least – that I might not hold it in high regard. Other people will, and they will have every right. Just because I do not like a story direction doesn’t mean it has been poorly created. The Last of Us Part II will have been made to a high standard, and the development team should get recognition for that.

Spoilers have a devastating effect for multiple reasons, and in TLOUS’s case, it has caused an uproar from most fans who insist they do not like the story. I have looked around and trust me the overwhelming majority are kicking off. Personally, I do feel like it is a punch to the gut but maybe upon release, with the full context, I will see things in a different light.

Unfortunately, I can’t explain why I doubt that without revealing the spoilers. Hand on heart, I think it will be a disappointment to me. I hope I am wrong and I sure as hell hope that other people still find enjoyment from it.

One comment

  • It seems like games and movies are having a difficult time remembering why people loved these experiences to begin with. Everything Sci-fi/Fantasy seems to be leaning towards the dark and dystopian instead of what was their true appeal. Hope, redemption, sacrifice, and friendships.

    Star Wars, Star Trek, Last of Us, and many other franchises seem to have strayed from what made them so memorable and great. It is a sad thing to see happen.


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