FOR VALHALLA! AC is going to war with Vikings

Image credit Ubisoft Montreal

The wait is finally over as French publisher Ubisoft has announced the next instalment in the Assassins Creed franchise.

At long last, we are getting a Viking twist, Assassins Creed: Valhalla. I for one had a feeling we would see Vikings, although after Odyssey I thought they might have a crack at another ancient city – possibly Rome again or Japan. But, after giving it some thought in recent months, I began to lean towards Vikings.

However, I would not have been opposed to the suspected AC: Ragnarök title, I think the franchise would work well with some Norse mythology. Maybe next time. It would be fair to say that the Vikings are a popular part in history for many people, with exciting themes and context that can be explored in an Assassins Creed game. Also, we know from For Honor that Ubisoft has got a good handle on the Viking concept.

The game is being worked on by 15 companies, that is huge! Taking the reins is Ubisoft Montreal with the help of 14 other studios. Ubisoft is clearly throwing a lot at this game – obviously, I mean, why wouldn’t they go all out for one of their flagship franchises.

After taking a break last year – a smart move – fans worldwide will be eagerly anticipating the next instalment. The calibre in which AC games are created has improved drastically since they stopped being yearly release. Origins in 2016 was great, Odyssey in 2018 was incredible – one of the best games this generation – so Valhalla should meet the high expectations.

As announced on Twitter, the world premiere for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is happening at 5pm CEST (4pm in the UK).


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  • I’m looking forward to this next AC game, having devoured Odyssey, and as I’ve had five decades of interest in the Viking Age. I’ve even been writing an alternative history triggered by the ‘decision by Leif Eriksson to remain in ‘Vinland’ after a Saami slave girl with shamanic powers receives a vision of Kanata, a blend of the best of Norse culture and the wealth that the indigenous population offers’.

    So, I’m eagerly awaiting this new AC game. Until then, I’ve got the Tomb raiders series to finish, and I’m anticipating the release of Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC,

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