Resident Evil 8 and an RE4 Remake are in the works

Grdhnerklmfhjjnrfmkjgfegmklokg! That is how I feel right now, and words do not describe my excitement at the knowledge we are set to receive not just one but possibly two Resident Evil titles next year.


First of all, Resident Evil 8 is set to be released in early 2021 – the first main entry in the series since 2017’s Resident Evil VII, ah, what wonderful memories we all have of the wonderful Baker family. Reportedly, the next new instalment will have more psychological feel to it, getting the feeling we could be treated to some Silent Hill vibes if that is the case.


According to Video Games Chronicle, Ethan Winters will make a return – cause the guy didn’t suffer enough at the Baker plantation – and the series is set to lose several major staples, both mechanically and narratively speaking. Firstly, werewolves appear to be a new enemy type. Secondly, in keeping with the reported psychological elements, hallucinations and insanity elements will feature.


A fresh take on the franchise, RE VII made a return to its roots, back to pure survival horror whilst adding new mechanics such as first-person. It appears that Capcom is looking to continue moving forward, an attempt to keep the series fresh maybe.


However, a brand new title isn’t all that the Japanese publisher is planning. A remake of Resident Evil 4 is reportedly in development too.


Also reported by VGC, Resident Evil 4 is expected drop in 2022 – could be earlier, but I will be pretty happy with RE8 alone in 2021. The game was first released for GameCube in 2005, later that year it hit PlayStation 2. Further down the line, it made its way to Nintendo Wii, then PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Most recently, it was remastered for current-gen consoles in 2016.


This remake makes sense given how well Resident Evil 2 was received last year; it was a Game of the Year contender. Earlier this month, Resident Evil 3 was released is already performing well. Logically, remakes are a smart move for Capcom. However, it might have been better to remake one of the most beloved entries in the franchise – Code Veronica. A game much older than Resident Evil 4 and frankly better too, I’m sure many fans would love to see this instalment get the make over treatment.


Resident Evil 4 is a great game, no question. For some, it may well be the best in the series but given it was remastered four years ago other games deserve some attention, Dino Crisis perhaps.


Either way, I am an avid fan of the series and look forward to what horrors Ethan is to endure next year, and I suppose I can carry that annoying thing known as Ashley for another adventure. Ugh, ASHLEY!


  • Definitely happy to see a new game in the franchise coming. Can’t say I’m as thrilled about an RE4 remake though. I enjoyed the game, though it was the last I played for a long time because it felt less RE to me. Both the recent remakes are great, but really, I don’t think 4 needs it. I would love to see a Dino Crisis remaster though!

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  • 4 is one of the most enjoyable games I have ever played. Bought the Gamecube version on release and beat it 9 times in a row, and later played the life out of the Wii edition, which was so satisfying with the motion controls. That said, I don’t think it needs remaking. It still feels like a very modern game as opposed to the PS1 classics which were outdated, both aesthetically and technically, and benefitted massively from an overhaul.

    There are so many other Capcom games that I would prefer to see re-built, such as Dino Crisis, Code Veronica, Resi 0, Haunting Ground and no end of fighting games that are forced to live in Street Fighter’s shadow. Maybe even remake the likes of Resident Evil Survivor or Gaiden, so that we can have those stories in the style of the Resi 2/3 remakes.


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