Further details on WWE 2K20’s career mode

More details have emerged on the new career mode for WWE 2K20 – and this time it’s a joint story between both a male and female superstar.
Red and Tre have dreamed of hitting the big league since they were in high school, where they made a list of things they would like to achieve. Namely getting inducted into the hall of fame – that’s the end game – can you enlist the friends into that legendary status?
With approximately 100 matches and around 20 hours completion time, it is set to be one of the best career modes seen in a WWE game. Not to mention the amount of live voice acting from 40 WWE stars, and a new podcast from Buzz and Cole Quinn!
Throughout the story (whomever you choose to play as) you may find yourself teaming up with your buddy – as mixed-gender tag team matches have finally been re-introduced to the series (not sure why they disappeared in the first place…).
According to 2K, there are different decisions to be made that can affect whom you can team with and whom you might fight. It could be worth playing the My Career mode multiple times to experience all choices and their consequences.
With just under two weeks until WWE 2K20 releases will you be getting it on release day?

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