The Last of Us Part II – Collector’s edition

When The Last of Us Part II got its release date, I knew pre-orders were going to go through the roof! I secured the deluxe steel book edition of the game due to lack of funds for the collector’s edition (adulting sucks!).

However, pre-orders for the collector’s edition have actually sold out! That’s right; if you failed to catch that precious edition within a few days of the announcement, then you had no chance of getting it. Nowhere in the UK has it in stock, while in the US, there are a few remaining ones available through Walmart.

None the less I love these unique editions, so I’m going to take a look at The Last of Us Part II collector’s edition, despite not getting it myself.

last of us 2 collectors edition

The statue of Ellie looks incredible – honestly, I am genuinely gutted that I couldn’t afford the collectors edition just because of her figurine. She has certainly grown up in those five years between the games; I have a shortlist of female characters that I adore in video games. It’s clear to me that Ellie will make that exclusive list.

I’ve always been a sucker for a steel book (hence making sure I get this through the special edition) and this one looks fantastic — great design with our young heroine on the front.

No collector’s edition would be complete without an artbook – also available in the special edition. It is 48 pages long – likely to feature landscapes, enemies and various characters.

Feel connected to Ellie by donning her bracelet. A pretty looking piece of jewellery for those who want to put themselves in her shoes.

A six-pin badge set also features – another common item found amongst these unique editions. There are also five Naughty Dog stickers available too.

Finally, a lithograph art print with a thank you note from the team behind what I am assuming will be 2020’s game of the year.

Despite it being sold out I will say that it would have cost £159.99 in the UK – a fair price for what you are getting here. Not to mention, many die-hard fans would have paid a lot more to get their hands on this very limited collectors edition.

Did you manage to get your pre-order in? Alternatively, have you gone for the special and standard editions? Or, are you one of the very few who has no interest in the sequel to one of the best games ever made? Let me know.


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