What I’ve been playing: Darksiders III

Thank you, Sony, thanks for giving us Darksiders III for free! For almost a year now I have been debating on whether or not I should buy the game, it just missed out on me purchasing it when it came out in 2018 and just found itself lost in the void as more and more games came out, grabbing my attention.

Well, I think it’s safe to say that I was not disappointed. In fact, I am struggling to understand why it got so much hate, was it a perfect game? No. Was it an enjoyable experience that served its hack n slash purpose? Yes.

Fury was a great character; actually, she might now be my favourite in the series but should we see Darksiders 4 with Strife that could change. It was interesting to watch the horseman soften as the game went on, some good character development, particularly her thoughts on humans.

The concept of the game is something I liked from the day THQ Nordic announced the game. Fighting the seven deadly sins. The games’ take on the sins and what they embody was interesting to see, especially how they tried to appeal to Fury, wanting to entice her. I’ll be honest, a lot of them would have worked on me, do I like to be lazy? Yes. Do I like to stuff my face with food? Yes. Do I want to give people a good whack when they piss me off? Check. Would I like to rule the world and have a strong sense of power? Yes…okay no, I’m going to have to give pride a miss on account of being too lazy (thanks sloth!).

The boss fights were enjoyable, though I do think some of them could have played to the sins a bit better. However, they did all have a personality on them, I especially enjoyed Prides long speech…wait no I didn’t, damn did she drag on! It might seem like I’m bashing pride, well that’s because I am. Come on, someone needs to bring her back down to earth.

I usually can predict an ending, after all my years of gaming, I have actually gotten pretty good at it. But, I didn’t see this twist coming. I won’t go into detail here in case people are yet to complete the game, but I do plan to do an in-depth piece on my thoughts of the story so keep an eye out for that.

The combat itself was fluid and straightforward, sometimes that the sort of combat you want to play. In-depth combat systems can be both brilliant and infuriating so it’s refreshing to pick up the controller and have an easy understanding of how to fight. The various hollows available were good, each one offering its own unique weapon. Though I must admit Fury’s primary weapon, the barbs of scorn was a favourite of mine, combined with the lightning lance of scorn.

The game had some good comedic elements in places, certainly appealing to my sense of humour, the watcher had her moments. Hell, even Fury warmed up to her towards the end of our deadly hunt.

All in all, it was an enjoyable experience, and I fully intend to complete the game again on New Game Plus. I definitely recommend this one for anyone with a PS Plus membership, the game is more than worth playing for free. Then again, I would have happily paid this title, it’s by no means a masterpiece, but that isn’t what you always want to play. Sometimes it better to step back a bit and go for a more simplistic game like Darksiders III that can be completed within 12-15 hours on average. Rather than slog your way through a vast open landscape that takes 50 plus hours to complete.


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