Man of Medan YouTube series part 2

If you missed part one you can find it here.

Now we are getting a bit further into the story, but…I can’t say Man of Medan has done an excellent job of griping me within its first hour!

However, it has done a great job of making me want to play Until Dawn again. That is what I keep coming back to; sure it’s a good game, though it just leaves me feeling unsatisfied. I’m still struggling to connect with the characters, okay that’s not fair, I’m struggling to connect with the group as a whole.

I like Fliss and Conrad, that’s about it. I can see Julia being a bit of a princess, like Emily in Until Dawn. However, YAY ME! I’ve kept her ass alive when I could have given her the bends, I had the option to surface from the dive early, and reluctantly I was sensible.

If you are not aware of the bends, then there is undoubtedly a good chance you will have chosen to rise early, I do not doubt that this will have lead to the death of Julia. It wouldn’t have been an instantaneous thing, though it would have killed her at some point.

I should also mention that I chose to have Julia accept Alex’s proposal.
Conrad is still alive thanks to messing up a quick time event, and it saved me from being shot, so you know, need to look at the silver lining here.

The entire take over on the boat was quite well done; it was full of suspense and did leave me feeling kind of sorry for some of the characters. However, I do know I messed up with Brad. Just like in Until Dawn when you can play as Sam for an extra part assuming you evaded capture. There is a similar moment with Brad, and unfortunately, I made the wrong decision.

One thing I do know is I want to kill these damn fisherman! You can’t fix this kind of asshole; they need to go.

I have to say I am shocked that they are all still breathing! Heck, even that damn curator was shocked that I haven’t got anybody killed yet! I am now at the damn ghost ship so let’s see just how long it take before five becomes four.

So far I will say Man of Medan is good, but it took so long to get to the freighter. However, I do know the game gets better, thanks to completion, but for the purpose of this series, I will discuss my thoughts per video.

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