Man of Medan: YouTube series Part 1

Until Dawn is without a doubt one of the best horror games ever made, it was a pleasure to play from start to finish. So with that in mind, it’s fair to say a lot of people were curious about Supermassive Games’ new title, Man of Medan.

As a massive fan of horror games, I have decided to do a YouTube series for Man of Medan. For this series, I will write my thoughts for the current video. However, I have finished the game, so expect a full review very soon.

My first impressions of Man of Medan… IT’S NOT UNTIL DAWN. Now I am fully aware the games are not related, that Is not what I mean by “It’s not Until Dawn”, what I do mean is that it hasn’t gripped me as the Supermassive’s previous game did. I was immediately hooked in Until Dawn, from the very beginning and honestly, I felt more of a connection to the characters in the early stages.

I can’t say I think much of most of the characters at first glance, other than Conrad and maybe Fliss in Man of Medan. I understand it’s early doors in the game, but they still haven’t intrigued me as a group.
However, the introduction on the “ghost ship” was great, it was very atmospheric and gave a good sense of impending doom. Though I wouldn’t say it was scary, certainly gave off a creepy vibe though. Exploring the ship later in the game will be interesting, assuming I manage to keep my characters alive that long!

One thing I simply can’t deny is how good it looks! Though I do on some level, think Until Dawn was actually a prettier game, in hindsight that could be due to the settings of the two games more than anything else.
Bearing in mind part one just covers half an hour of the game, I would say it’s not the best nor the worst start I’ve experienced for a horror game. Maybe I’m judging it quite harshly due to Until Dawn being one of my favourite horror games of all time (kind of want to play it now!).

Lastly, I must give a shout out to the game’s curator! He is creepy and no doubt he will be mocking all the poor choices I make throughout this nightmare.


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