Nintendo’s new exclusive title Astral Chain is set for release next month, as with many Switch titles now, the game comes with two different options. The standard edition is usually just a physical copy of the title, whereas the collector’s edition includes various goodies, encouraging gamers to spend even more money!

astral chainThe Astral Chain collectors edition includes:

• Astral Chain game card (Standard edition game)
• A sound selection CD – a common item that tends to be included in many ‘collector’s editions
• 152-page artbook – another common find within these versions of games
• Shikishi artboard with an illustration by Masakazu Katsura – a beautiful looking piece of art, will make an excellent addition to any gamers collection.

An excellent ‘collector’s edition with a nice price tag, retailing at £69.99 from various retailers including Nintendo UK and GAME.

For that amount of money, it is definitely worth considering for any anime video game fans, being just £25 more than the standard version. A good deal considering many ‘collector’s editions costs between £50-£200 more.

Astral Chain releases on August 30th exclusively for the Nintendo Switch

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