Astral Chain Collector’s edition

Nintendo’s new exclusive title Astral Chain is set for release next month, as with many Switch titles now, the game comes with two different options. The standard edition is usually just a physical copy of the title, whereas the collector’s edition includes various goodies, encouraging gamers to spend even more money!

astral chainThe Astral Chain collectors edition includes:

• Astral Chain game card (Standard edition game)
• A sound selection CD – a common item that tends to be included in many ‘collector’s editions
• 152-page artbook – another common find within these versions of games
• Shikishi artboard with an illustration by Masakazu Katsura – a beautiful looking piece of art, will make an excellent addition to any gamers collection.

An excellent ‘collector’s edition with a nice price tag, retailing at £69.99 from various retailers including Nintendo UK and GAME.

For that amount of money, it is definitely worth considering for any anime video game fans, being just £25 more than the standard version. A good deal considering many ‘collector’s editions costs between £50-£200 more.

Astral Chain releases on August 30th exclusively for the Nintendo Switch

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