Stranger Things invades Fortnite

It seems like a match made in heaven, the popular horror Sci-Fi series Stranger Things on Netflix and Epic Games dominating battle royale game Fortnite. Two powerhouses of their fields, yes a crossover sounds like a great idea!

According to PC Gamer, players have reported coming across portals from the show in the battle royale map, more specifically Mega Mall if you want to jump on in and experience the mayhem this causes for yourselves! Now unfortunately these portals do not take you to the hellish demonic dimension from the show called ‘Upside Down’, instead it spits you out of another portal elsewhere on the map. Honestly it’s like playing hide and seek with yourself, forget hunting down your enemies you need to figure out where the hell you’ve been transported to first!


This does create a good opportunity for a limited time mode (LTM), rather than being spat out in another area of the map what if you really were transported to another dimension? Sounds like fun to me! When Epic Games have done crossovers previously, including The Avengers and John Wick they have included both LTM and cosmetics so it makes sense for Stranger Things to receive the same treatment.

Stranger Things season 3 releases tomorrow July 4th. No doubt all details of this promo will be released alongside the show, more details to come!

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