Furwind Review

Furwind is a side scrolling action platformer by JanduSoft, done in the 16bit style from the 1990s. In a day and age filled with open worlds, huge stories and intricate characters it is games like this that deliver a much needed break from all the exploration.

As with any side scroller the controls are nice and simple, no need to wrack your brain trying to learn different moves, buttons and combinations. Sometimes it’s nice to return to games like this, games that remind us of simpler times, no need to run around like a headless chicken trying to figure out which way to go.


The graphics are good, certainly reminiscent of the good old gaming days of the 1990s. if you are looking for an up to date side scroller with current generation graphics then move along, Furwind is not for you. However, for those that still enjoy the 16bit era, who are always looking to add small games like this to their ever-expanding library. Pixel art will always hold a special place in many a gamers hearts so JanduSoft were onto a winner graphically speaking.

As with a lot of the games from the nineties there is a challenge to Furwind, a few hits and you will be going back to the most recent checkpoint that you chose to rest at. Playing as a cunning little fox it is up to you to fight the darkness that threatens to invade this beautiful world. When a war ended in imprisonment of a powerful foe this outcome was inevitable, the fact that our little friend gets to be the hero is a surprise. The combat is simple, no complicated controls, merely press a button to attack and jump. Ah I do love the times where I don’t need hurt my fragile little mind memorising so many different buttons, controls and moves.


The soundtrack is certainly better than I was expecting it to be, with many smaller games comes mediocre soundtracks that barely add any substance to the game. Furwind on the other hand has a good original soundtrack, one that actually immerses you in the world. Nailing the emotions that you should be feeling, be it wondering through the forest or bracing yourself for an epic boss battle.

If old style side scrollers are of an interest to you, with a pixel art style the I recommend downloading a copy of Furwind be it on the PS4, Nintendo Switch, Steam or Xbox One. A good game with a classic challenge, JanduSoft have created an enjoyable action side-scroller.

Thank you to JanduSoft for a PS4 key for the purpose of this review.

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