Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: Puddle Hopper Trophy


START YOUR ENGINES!! Now that Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled has come speeding onto consoles not only are we all embracing our inner child, it is time to power slide to those trophies!

Most of the trophies/ achievements are self-explanatory, not overly complicated and pretty easy to achieve. However, there are a few that may cause problems on the track, namely the various hidden shortcuts. Therefore, I shall be releasing a few guides to explain where these shortcuts are and how to actually reach them.

Crash Cove is the very first track that we get to rev our engines for, naturally there is a shortcut here that can be tricky to achieve! The trophy name is Puddle Hopper.

This shortcut is fairly close to the beginning of the track, once you get off the starting line you will approach the first corner of the track, make sure you go up the ramp and jump for maximum height. This will give your kart the boost and speed that it needs, upon landing you will want head along the track dipping into the water to access a little ramp to give you the jump height to reach the platform.

It might take a couple of practice runs to get the angle right, persistence is key, especially since this shortcut is not only necessary for the Puddle Hopper trophy but to get the T in the CTR challenge for Crash Cove. The video below shows how the jump should be done.

That’s one shortcut down! Congrats you little puddle hopper!

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