Thief Simulator Review

I always wondered what it would be like to live a life of crime, the thrill, the rush and the adrenaline coursing through my veins as I lie, cheat and steal my way to the top in my criminal life. After having played Thief Simulator I can safely say that while I may have felt all of those things I surely would have felt the cold steel of handcuffs. I wasn’t exactly a brilliant thief, I still have a lot to learn if I’m to succeed in living that exciting life.

Thief Simulator is the newly released game both published and developed by Forever Entertainment, true to its title you are a criminal, a new criminal to be exact. Vinnie has brought you into this new exciting world, lucky for you he is also going to be your guide, mentor, teacher or whatever you want call it. Vinnie will keep in touch through phone calls giving you the necessary guidance to succeed in your new career path.

When you successfully complete a job be it stealing a TV or breaking some dishes experience is earned, once a level is gained it is time to pick a skill, after all what good is a thief if they can’t pick a lock? Then again I failed to find something as simple as a key at one point so perhaps I’m just a lost cause as a thief anyway…


Apparently a thieves computer is their best friend, several tabs are available to help you get the job done. Need something as simple as lockpick or as extravagant as a hacking laptop? The web has got you covered! Want to make a quick sale without heading to the pawn shop head over to BlackBay (I’m saying nothing), need to get a lead on an unsuspecting victim there is a forum for that or if you fancy being a thug for a change to make a quick buck there is some extra work waiting for you. Your computer is based in your very own hideout, how cliché is that? Any thief worth their loot has a place to store it.


The controls are very simple, easy to remember helping you to achieve your full potential in this criminal world. I recommend utilising the quick select feature to help you on the go when you have to make those impromptu decisions. Graphically speaking this game is lacking, while it isn’t out right terrible there is certainly room for improvement. Underwhelming graphics is not a good enough reason to avoid playing Thief Simulator however. Gameplay and enjoyment are more important than graphics, a boring overly complicated game would be a problem, but an enjoyable life of crime with good old Vinnie more than makes up for the graphical problem.

I do feel that the driving aspect was a bit on the boring side, there was such potential there, get away driving could have been fun. Instead it’s simply keep driving down the same streets. It was a wasted opportunity, the lack in different areas was also disappointing, while I did enjoy visiting the street I kept stealing from it would have nice to be able to explore other areas. These issues don’t take away from the overall enjoyment of the game.

I thoroughly enjoyed stepping into this illegal world, utilising the various different tools, earning my skills and just deciding how to approach the job was great. Vinnie was one heck of a coach, definitely recommend him if you are looking for a career change, top bloke even when I looked like a lost cause. Overall I would give the game 7/10 it was a fun experience with plenty of great gameplay but there were some areas that could be improved.

Thief Simulator is available now for £17.99


The review copy of Thief Simulator was provided by Forever Entertainment for this review.

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