Days Gone: Burnout Apocalypse Trophy

Having achieved the Days Gone platinum trophy I thought I would offer a bit of guidance in achieving the trophy Burnout Apocalypse. To achieve this trophy you will need to have achieved level 3 with the Diamond Lake Camp, this area isn’t unlocked until the later stages of the game.

Purchase the third upgrade for Nitrous for your bike. To unlock this trophy you must use nitrous at the same time as drifting for 5 seconds, it is best if you find a flat surface and avoid any hills. My personal recommendation would be to use an area near Hot Springs camp, you will find a couple of cars near some buildings, an open space with a flat surface.

Make sure you tap the circle button as your drive round to turn it into a circular drift rather than a donut which is what you will do should you hold down the circle button, this will not unlock the trophy.

As soon as you are set in a decent drift use the nitrous, hold down the X button until the trophy pops up. Congrats you have a new bronze trophy!



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