Mortal Kombat 11: The different editions available

Following the community reveal on January 17th some interesting details have come to light about the highly anticipated Mortal Kombat 11. While I have every intention of discussing my thoughts on the new gameplay and roster of fighters, I feel the need to discuss the different editions that are going to be released. Ever since the announcement of MK11 I had been waiting for the reveal of a collectors edition, MKX had one so naturally the newest instalment was bound to have its own version.

First and foremost, the standard edition is available for purchase in both physical and digital forms, if you find yourself unable to wait to hold it physically then I recommend purchasing it through your platform of choice, having it downloaded ready to launch as soon as the clock strikes midnight to signal April 23rd. The standard copy will cost you up to £55 depending upon where you choose to purchase it.


The second option is the premium edition, this version of the game comes with a limited edition steel book for those who like adding shiny new things to their collection. It also comes complete with the Kombat pack giving you access to the additional content currently planned. This may be purchased by multiple retailers for £79.99.  It is also available digitally for the same price, however you will miss out on the steel book. Personally, I would consider this to be a good by for those loyal fans who know they will be wanting all the new content NetherRealm studios are planning.


Finally, we have the Kollectors edition, have you ever wanted to be scorpion? Was that a yes? Well great news, with this edition you will be treated to a life size replica of Scorpions mask. Feel the intimidating power of one of the series most recognisable characters as you yell at your opponents “GET OVER HERE”. As if that wasn’t great enough the version of the game included here isn’t the standard edition with a neat steel book, it is the premium edition meaning you will be getting the season pass on top. It is also worth mentioning that the Kollectors edition comes complete with a unique steel book of its own, a magnet and a certificate of authenticity. If you wish to own every possible piece of DLC then this is the edition for you as there is exclusive DLC that will not be released with the Kombat Pass. The Scorpion mask is the main selling point here, it looks fantastic, truly a work off art and the collectable box it is all set to come in certainly looks the part. However to get a collectors edition of this calibre it is going to cost you… £279.99!!! that is a hefty sum for a collectors edition, not many unique versions of games make it to that price but seeing what comes in this edition I can understand the pricing.


Given that the price is so high it would be safe to say that the limited Kollectors edition is designed for the ultimate fan, many gamers, even avid collectors might have to give this one a miss given the fact you could by a new console for this price. If you are in the UK and do have the funds to pay for MK11s Kollectors Edition you will need to pre order it from GAME as it is being sold exclusively by them, should you live in the USA then GAMESTOP is your point of call.

The edition I have gone with personally is the Kollectors edition, I am an avid fan of the series and owning that Scorpion mask is something I simply can’t pass up! However, having said that I think it might have been nice for other gamers to have had perhaps a £90-£100 collector’s edition like MKX, perhaps Sub-Zero or Kitana would have made good choices for a statue. One final note from me, if you would like the legendary Shao Khan and exclusive access to the Beta in March then a pre-order of any version is needed.

What edition of the game will you be going for?

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  • That Scorpion mask looks so cool! I remember getting really excited about the Mortal Kombat 9 Kollector’s Edition but never had it. I’m not sure if I want to get it now that MK 11’s Scorpion mask is here. It would have been a nice conversation piece. I’m coming Mortal Kombat 11!

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