Resident Evil 2: 1-Shot Demo is bloody fantastic

Wow, if I was excited for the Resident Evil 2 remake then words cannot describe my sheer excitement after experience the 1-Shot Demo. Fans worldwide across multiple platforms have been treated to a 30-minute demo by Capcom two weeks before the scheduled full release on January 25th.

The demo places you inside the newly renovated Racoon City Police Department as none other fan favourite Leon Kennedy. You have two options in this demo, you can explore the building for the entirety of the 30 minutes that you are entitled to or you can progress through the story enough to end RESIDENT EVIL 2 "1-Shot Demo"_20190113124003the demo. If you have multiple consoles or multiple accounts, I would recommend playing the demo twice, once to fully explore and enjoy intense atmospheric experience and then play a second time to see how quickly you can complete this small teaser.

The graphics are beyond beautiful, a truly stunning take on the 1998 classic, Leon Kennedy is looking especially great. The blood and guts are any gore fans dream, definitely adding to the terrifying ordeal you will find yourself going through. When I first entered a dark hallway, I could immediately feel the familiar feeling of impending doom come flooding back to me. It took 13 minutes for me to complete the demo upon my first try and that was more than enough time for me to realise the full release is a must own! My pre-order of the steel book edition has been entirely justified, when a 13-minute piece of game is enough to make you feel tense, give that sense of dread, you know you have stumbled upon a great horror game.


Of course any long time fan of the Resident Evil franchise is going to be drawn to this remake regardless of the 30 minute demo, should you be of the younger generation that didn’t get to ever experience the original Resident Evil 2 I will encourage you to at the very least download your 1-shot demo, particularly if you found yourself enjoying Resident Evil 7 as the remake clearly shares some similarities with it. The controls were amazing, so fluent, it didn’t feel clunky or awkward, the controls felt amazing.

This demo has clearly demonstrated just what awaits us on January 25th, a terrifying adventure filled with many intense moments that will be sure to test your resolves. The 1-Shot demo is available to download until January 31st, should there be any doubt in your mind download this free 30-minute trial.

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  • I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but I love how Capcom are embracing demos so well. The RE7 Beginning Hour demo that kept being updated was really cool, and now this quick opportunity to explore the game world is really neat.

    I miss the days of demos for every game! I always remember Valve releasing the Uplink demo for Half-Life, which was a full chapter that wasn’t even included in the main game! More of that please.

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