Bungie has rights to Destiny after Activision divorce

It’s official, Bungie have managed to part ways with Activision, not only have they done that but the full rights to Destiny has gone with them! this was always going to happen, I think a lot of people could see this messy divorce coming for years now. A good game developer such as Bungie didn’t need or want to keep dealing with the same troubles and problems that they had been dealing with thanks to their publisher.

The tension between Bungie and Activision has been long standing, the relationship between developer and publisher has been on thin ice since before shipping the first instalment of the Destiny franchise which was back in 2014. While it has clearly been beneficial for Bungie to have been partnered up with Activision over the last 8 years it is had become obvious in recent times that they needed to head down their own path.

Destiny as a franchise has had its fair share of rough spots, from the first game to its DLC to Destiny 2 and its most recently released DLC Forsaken. There has always been a problem of some sort that has either garnered unwanted criticism from the fans or displeasure from their publisher. Destiny 2 Forsaken was well received by many fans of the series, in fact it could be considered a real high point for Destiny as whole, the problem however is that it failed to reach the obscenely high sales demand that Activision had placed on it. Bungie seemed to be in a losing situation no matter what they did.

This split is a smart decision, Activision agreeing to sign over the IP to Bungie has certainly made for an easier separation than I would have anticipated, with full rights to Destiny it will be interesting to see what direction Bungie heads in. hopefully they go ahead and publish the next instalment on their own giving them full control to achieve whatever vision it is they have, however should Destiny 3 not be up to scratch that will be entirely on their heads.

This separation gives me hope that somehow, someday Bioware will be able to pull an abra kadabra and issue a divorce to EA whilst attaining the rights to their much-loved Franchises, Dragon Age and Mass Effect. It would be what’s best for business for both Bioware and the community that loves those two gaming worlds, I think I speak for not only myself but a lot of gamers world wide when I say I want some remasters! If one day the partnership of Bioware and EA goes beyond breaking point there is a chance that we will see a beautiful make over to some of the best RPGs to have ever graced the gaming world.

What do you think about the break up between Bungie and Activision? Is it best for business or has Bungie made a mistake?


  • I’m not a fan of Activision at all. After reading about their pushy rush-rush attitide to get the Spyro Reignited Trilogy out for Christmas (which resulted in numerous glitches and hardly any of the game shipping on the disc) then I have no love for them. It seems to be a trend of genuinely good games/developers not quite managing to produce a product to its full potential because of Activision’s demands.

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  • I totally agree with you. It will be interesting to see now what the franchise becomes going fourth. Great post!

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  • Activision have long had a horrid reputation and over the past few years especially it has only gotten worse. Meanwhile, Bungie was once one of the most respected developers around, beloved by fans, but their relationship with Activision has soured that. To be honest, I think Bungie was partially responsible for that, and that outside of Halo they have struggled to create something truly special.

    With that said, away from Activision and in full control of their own work I’m hoping Bungie can recapture their creativity and start building Destiny 2 and eventually Destiny 3 to their own vision.

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  • Would love to see some Dragon Age and Mass Effect remasters! Here’s hoping they can somehow manage to split with EA too!

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