Every single gamer has their own personal favourite fighting game series, mine so happens to be Mortal Kombat, since witnessing the trailer at the game awards alongside the official announcement for Mortal Kombat 11 I have had just one thought on my mind…..FINISH HIM!

Mortal Kombat has always been the king od fighting games for me personally, I was so enthralled with Mortal Kombat X that it took me weeks to pick up another game which in all honesty is a rare thing for me to do particularly with a fighting game. The new characters and story amongst other things helped to cement as my favourite game in the series, it was going to be a tough challenge for any new fighting game to top it, then injustice 2 came along.

All the new additions to Injustice helped to elevate that game above all of its competition, given that both Mortal Kombat and Injustice are developed by NetherRealm Studios there was one clear cut thought in my mind, what if the RPG elements of Injustice 2 were implemented into Mortal Kombat? Now that is going to be a mere thought since it has already been confirmed that the gear system from Injustice 2 is going to feature in Mortal Kombat 11! Just another reason for the entire gaming world to feel excited about NetherRealm Studios next venture.

The trailer showed off Scorpion and Raiden looking as badass as ever, the game is clearly set to take the violence and gore to all new levels, an impressive feat for a franchise built upon its over the top graphic violence. Please do not allow the poor choice in music to cloud your judgement on what is set to be one of the biggest releases 2019 will see!

The best part of all is that we only have four and a half months to wait! The worst thing, perhaps the only bad thing about any game announcement is how long you have to wait to actually get your hands on it, I mean lets just take a look at Days Gone and Death Stranding….the waiting game is getting a little old here. With just over four months to wait I can feel my excitement growing, there will be no time for the community to get fed up with waiting, if you pre order MK11 you won’t even need to wait that long as you will be given access to the BETA (YES PLEASE!). However please be aware that the BETA is only going to be available on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Keep April 23rd 2019 available, it has been almost 4 years since we were able to pulverise our opposition in the most brutal of ways. As always I can’t wait to see what FATALITIES the fighters will be able to perform, will we see some classic moves or a completely fresh range? If like myself you can’t wait to learn more about MK11 there is a scheduled community event on January 17th.


  • Loved Mk9 and MKX, especially the latter since the combos felt more interesting to learn and there was a lot of content as opposed to the likes of Street Fighter V. Only issue for me is that I would rather wait as they always release some sort of ‘Komplete’ edition with all of the DLC on the disc down the line. They did it with MK9 and also the XL version of X so I think I will just hold fire until then unfortunately.

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  • I hope that they don’t separate the movelists again like they did in MKX, it was the only thing that annoyed me with that game.

    Praying for my mains Kenshi and Nightwolf to return.

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