Game of The Year 2018

After an incredible year of gaming it was time for the Game of The Year awards, one of most anticipated gaming events every single year. Every player has an idea of what game will win the award as well as their own personal pick for the prestigious title of GOTY.

Let’s begin by saying a huge congratulations to Santa Monica Studio on creating this years winner, a very deserving winner I might add, God of War. For anyone who read my review on the game it will be no secret that I held it in very high regard, in fact it has been my personal game of the year since its release back in April. There were several strong contenders this year, it was always going to be a tight decision leading to the disappointment for some but tremendous joy for others.

I understand the disappointment some gamers may have faced when their games didn’t win, namely Red Dead Redemption 2. I wasn’t a fan of RDR2 but make no mistake I do believe it is a masterpiece, me being unable to get on with it doesn’t cloud my judgement in understanding the game is phenomenal and would have been just as worthy of winning GOTY as God of War. However, to all the fans who have acted out, claiming the awards to be a poor reflection I must ask did you even play God of War? Oh, and RDR2 cleaned house for the majority of the night so Rockstar didn’t actually leave empty handed.

To be GOTY a game needs to tick so many boxes, does it have a great story? Has it got the ability to make the players feel something? Is it visually stunning? Is the main protagonist rememberable? Do players find themselves so engrossed in the world that they never want to leave? These are just a few examples of what games need to propel themselves to the top of the pack, to that prestigious award. For me God of War ticked all of those boxes and more, to see Kratos tackle fatherhood in an emotional story for him and his son was incredible to witness, the combat was of course unbelievable carnage that we have come to expect from God of War. Moving to Norse mythology was a much welcome step forward, opening the way for what I am expecting to be a new trilogy.

If you haven’t yet played the 2018 GOTY then you can find my review here if you are still on the fence, honestly even if God of War didn’t win the award I would still be encouraging as many people as possible to experience the story of a father and son taking on a difficult journey, learning important lessons along the way. I would also like to take this opportunity to recommend Rockstars contender Red Dead Redemption 2, while I may have struggled with the slow beginning I have heard and seen incredible things about this game, perhaps this could be the game for you if haven’t given it a try yet.

2018 was an amazing year for games, any one of the following games would be worth a look at if you didn’t get around to them, I am sure there are plenty more but here are my picks:

God of War                                               Dragon Quest 11

Red Dead Redemption 2                        Call of C’thulu

Far Cry 5

Detroit Become Human


Assassins Creed Odyssey

Once again congratulations to Santa Monica Studio, and well done Sony on yet another exclusive title taking the biggest award in gaming.


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