CTR is back baby!!

Start your engines!!! It has finally happened, Crash Ste-Am Racing has been officially announced, Crash and friends are set to speed their way onto our consoles next June. Ever since the immense success of the N Sane Trilogy I had no doubt we would be seeing a remastered version of CTR, it made sense in every possible way.

Perhaps what has shocked me the most is that it is CTR alone, I was expecting another trilogy of games given that Crash Bandicoot actually has 3 racing games to his name, Crash Team Racing, Nitro Kart and Tag Team Racing. A collection would have made so much sense, or maybe we could have had Crash Bash included in this remaster, another of the wumpa loving bandicoots finest moments. If you never got to experience Crash Bash then all I can say is that you missed out, it was an amazing party game to be enjoyed with friends or on your own with many different mini games.

Having said all of that I am still thrilled to be getting behind the wheel once again in Crash’s first ever nitro fuelled outing, this game alone will be worth the £35 cost. The levels were always so much fun and diverse, the roster of characters, some of them lovable heroes, others amusing villains. The bosses, some of which are very familiar to fans of the trilogy and of course blowing up the opposition through the use of various different weapons are just a few reasons reasons for the immense joy I feel anytime I jump into one of those karts.

The teaser trailer has already shown off some of the classic tracks, the return of local multiplayer as well as being able to attempt to drift your way to victory online! The beauty treatment this game has received is stunning and the trailer has only cemented my excitement for this, it is sure to be worth the wait. The choice of bringing back local play is fantastic, what better way to spend an evening than to get your group of friends round for some (mostly) friendly competition, but also allowing players the option of competing online with tournaments also being added is a great decision that gives all fans what they want.

CTR: Crash Team Racing – Nitro Fuelled is set to be released on June 21st 2019, keep the date clear and warm up those engines.

One comment

  • Great news. Loved the original back when it was first released and lost countless hours to it. Hope it’s a straight update with all of the old shortcuts and tricks + the secret characters of N-Tropy and the penguin (I forget his name).

    I’d personally like to see a Crash Bash remaster. It wasn’t a Naughty Dog game but I didn’t even realise it until much later. Great fun in multiplayer.


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