Spider-Man PS4: first piece of DLC releases next month

After the thrilling experience of Spider-Man which released last Friday I am more than ready for some DLC, after 100% completing the game in one long dedicated weekend I am eager to see what problems our favourite neighbourhood Spider-Man is going to face next!

The DLC is called The City That Never Sleeps and is comprised of 3 different sections, they are set to be released in October, November and finally December. Part 1 is titled The Heist, any fan of Spider-Man, or anyone who has completed a certain side quest in the game will be able to figure out who is going to be the front runner on the villain side of things here, Black Cat. This makes me so happy, I could barely contain my disappointment at not being reunited with the feisty feline in the main game, I did however enjoy the thrill of hunting her down.

I am keen to see who else is going to make an appearance, perhaps more importantly however I am intrigued as to whether or not the credits cut scene is going to be expanded upon in some way. Since the game is still very new I will not be saying anything about credits scene itself so I don’t spoil it for anyone who is still swinging through New York fighting crime. Each DLC is naturally going to come with some new threads for Spidey, after all no Spider-Man content would be complete without some new costumes.

The Heist officially begins on October 23rd, have you played Spider-Man yet? If so then what did you think? I will be back very soon with my initial review of the main game spoiler free.


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