Anthem confirmed to have a demo!

Proper Video game demos have become as rare as it gets in a world with Alphas and Beta testing but EA have gone and shocked me! Anthem shall be having a full blown proper demo, not for testing connectivity but for players to see whether or not Anthem is the game for them. Any die hard Bioware fan is undoubtedly going to jump at the chance to at least try the demo, fans of Bungies Destiny series may also be interested in what is being dubbed the Destiny killer.

There is a catch however, the demo isn’t just for anyone. If you are a PC or Xbox player then you will have full access to the Anthem demo should you have an EA/Origins access account, if you are not a subscriber to these services then you will have to give the demo a miss. If you are a PS4 owner the putting Anthem on your pre order list is a must if you want to try it 3 weeks early, that still gives you plenty of time to back out of purchasing Biowares new baby should it not reach your standards. The demo is set to drop on February 1st 2019 simultaneously across the PC, Xbox One and PS4 as announced by the developer Mark Darrah and Mike Gamble of Bioware.

I have been in debate for a while about Anthem, being an owner of all three platforms with an EA access account has certainly helped me in this situation, come February 1st next year I will download the demo on my Xbox, 3 weeks of straight shooting and blowing up my enemies will give me a great chance to determine whether or not Anthem is going to be worth my time and money, or perhaps what I am most interested in, is it really going to be the Destiny killer? Only time will tell.


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