Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Collectors Edition

Recently I did a post about my excitement for the release date of From Softwares new title, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice which has had my full attention since it was initially teased at the end of 2017. As many of my readers already know I am a massive From Software fan! I enjoyed the Armored Coreseries, I love the Souls series and BloodBorne is a strong contender for my favourite game on the PS4 with genre of SoulsBorne influencing several other games I enjoy such as The Surge and Ni-oh, the latter of which is the current Samurai/ Oriental Souls like game out there.

I have the collectors editions for both Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls 3, I am an avid collector of special editions especially when I am highly anticipating the release of the title, if the pricing seems fair to me then you can almost guarantee I will try and get my hands on the collectors edition, perhaps being slightly disappointed if I fail in doing so. I understand that in this day and age some people are struggling to justify the amount of money a collectors edition costs, thanks in large part to so many gamers being willing to art with more money than the product is worth in certain cases causing the companies to become greedy.

But for me personally I can absolutely see the appeal of the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice collectors edition, particularly for the die hard From Software fans out there such as myself. Included in this edition is the full game, a steel book case, a 7 inch shinobi statue, map, replica game coins, the digital soundtrack and finally a collectible artbook. The steel book case looks beautiful, truly a stunning piece that should be with any avid collector, as for the Shinobi statue just look at the detail on it! he looks great, poised and ready to fight to restore his honour. The map and soundtrack are what you can usually expect to find in any collectors edition these days, art books have become common place in these editions too.


I have placed my pre order from, I wanted it for the PS4 unfortunately it would appear as though it has already sold out leaving me no option but to add it to my Xbox collection instead. With the price currently set at £99.99 I would consider it to be worth the money, if like me you find yourself eagerly awaiting the release as a true fan of From Soft then perhaps this would make a great addition to your gaming collection.


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