My Switch library: Mario Tennis Aces

Since I released my post in regards to me finally owning a switch I have had quite a lot of suggestions as to what games to add to my library, plenty of good recommendations I must say. Naturally several of the Mario games have been recommended to me, after all how can you possibly own a Nintendo console and not have a Mario game to go with it? I did have other great suggestions such as Stardew Valley which I did purchase despite already owning it on the Xbox One, I was also recommended Hyrule Warriors which I wasted no time in buying, it is beyond incredible! But today I am going to discuss the Mario game I did decide to add to my switch library first.

Mario Tennis Aces, I had my eye on this from the second it got released, I had seen several streamers play it, I read some great reviews on it, a few people recommended it to and most importantly it really appealed to me. As much as I do enjoy Mario I am not one of those who has to own every game that gets released in the franchise, there are some where I simply think yeah it looks good but it doesn’t look much different to offer instalments. But Tennis Aces is most certainly different, I am a tennis fan which added to the games appeal for me, I have always enjoyed a good tennis game, but it has been a while since I actually bought one, this combined with my need for a Mario game for my Switch made Tennis Aces the perfect choice.

The graphics are stunning, I am beyond impressed with how pretty the games are that I have currently played on the Switch with Mario Tennis Aces being one of the most visually pleasing. I found myself speechless at the beauty of not only the characters but the courts in which we play tennis on, my eyes were darting around all my surroundings each and every time I entered a new area. Who would have thought that this little console that can be used as a tablet would be so visually pleasing, I certainly didn’t.

The gameplay mechanics are great, I like the different shots you can play and how the amount of energy you have earned determines what specialties are available to you, choose when to use you energy wisely, it could be the turning point of the match. The fact there are different control options available to you is excellent, when playing the story I tend to use my Zelda controller but when playing with other people I love being able to take one of the joy-con controllers, swinging my arm around whilst trying to both win the game and not knock out my friends is a lot of fun. The story mode is excellent, I found myself feeling addicted almost immediately, I didn’t want to put my controller down! I love that we earn experience points to make ourselves a better player, I really like have mini challenges to complete rather than matches all the time, it helps to keep things fresh, I don’t feel like I have the time to be bored.

There are plenty of characters to choose from, all of which are much loved characters from across the series, currently my main character to take to the court with has to be Luigi, I am a sucker for that green Italian plumber! I do find myself playing as Donkey Kong from time to time too, have to mix things up a bit. All the playable characters have their strengths and weaknesses, for example Luigi is an all rounder so he isn’t weak in anything but he isn’t extremely strong in any attribute either, then if we look at Wario a very powerful tennis player, he is able to put a lot of force behind his strikes but that comes at the high cost of speed, he is agonisingly slow when moving around the court.

If like me you are a tennis fan then obviously I would have to recommend adding this to your Switch library, or if you want a new game that is enjoyable to play in the company of your friends then again I would strongly recommend Mario Tennis Aces. There were other Mario games recommended to me such as Odyssey and Mario Kart that I have every intention of checking out in the future, if there is one thing that you can guarantee anytime you pick up a Mario game is that it is going to be a lot of fun.


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