DarkSiders 3, which edition to buy?

Now that THQ Nordic has given the highly anticipated Darksiders 3 its official release date of November 27th 2018 (FINALLY!!!) I thought it was time to have a quick look at the different editions available, because quite frankly I am torn, I know full well I am getting a collectors edition but the question is, which one?


DS3 standard pic

First and foremost there is the standard edition, no explanation necessary here, it is the game on its own without any added extras. If you are simply interested in playing what is set to be a great game with no real interest in collectibles then this is the edition for you and if you prefer you could simply cut out the physical copy in favour of a download, soon as the clock hits midnight your game will automatically download ready for you in the morning.


DS3 collectors

For the physical collectors edition we are in for a treat, as with most collectors editions these days there will be an exclusive steel book which will hold the copy of the game, a Fury figurine is included and I have to say I think it looks stunning! She will make an excellent addition my other collectible figurines such as Scorpion, Nathan Drake, Bayak, various Mass Effect figures and much more! Too many to mention in all honesty! Moving on to the other items found in this collectors edition, the soundtrack for the game, an exclusive DLC armour set for Fury and last but not least a box to hold all these goodies in.


ds3 apocalypse

I mentioned that I am suffering from a dilemma when it comes to what edition I should get, well this is where I tell you why! We have the apocalypse edition, a truly amazing edition worthy of an video game collectors attention, let me start by say that everything I mentioned above in the collectors edition will also feature in the apocalypse version but there is even more! You will receive an amulet, three additional figurines, all of which are looking great (Vulgrim, War and Death), a complete collection of figurines. Finally you will receive a 40-inch wall scroll. A jam packed edition with plenty of goodies, as it should considering the price of it.

Here is where the real problem comes into play, the pricing for each edition THQ Nordic is offering to their players:

  • Standard edition – £49.99
  • Collectors edition – £129.99
  • Apocalypse edition – £349.99

A £220 difference between the two versions of the collectors edition! A monumental difference in the price, while I of course understand the pricing on account of everything you are set to receive in the apocalypse edition it doesn’t help me! I could get the apocalypse edition but given the fact the Fallout 76 Power Armour edition comes out that same month at the hefty price of £174.99. if I get a lot of overtime at work over the course of the coming months perhaps I can have both but I’m not counting on it, perhaps I will just have to settle for an amazing Fury figure and an insane looking Fallout collectable.

What I do know for certain however is that I cannot wait to join Fury on her quest to take down the 7 deadly sins! What about you? Are you looking forward to Darksiders 3? Any interest in either the collectors or apocalypse editions?


  • I’d love to get one of the collector editions, but there are also a lot of others games coming out near this one. Like Spider-Man, Pokemon Let’s Go, Fallout 76 etc. The figurines and wall banner do look good though!


  • Much as I like the stuff that comes with them, I’m very much done with collectors editions. It just means that I end up with a metric ton of (admittedly pretty cool) figurines that I can’t fit anywhere. Maybe once I’m older and the kids have moved out I can start to use that space for those sort of things, but until then it’s standard edition at most for me!

    That I can’t justify £350 on a game.

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  • As a PC player, I need to see if the game is even going to be in the ‘right’ format. I used to collect game-related thins, but now I’m retired, I just buy standard editions. (Although, as a late-comer to Witcher 3, I find that I’ve bought books, etcetera.) Power to the collectors, I shout – from the ringside.


  • I’m definitely pumped for the game: the first two were really good, although I don’t remember the second one as much because my friend and I took turns playing 😛 I just know they’re good combinations of the classic Zelda formula and modern action games, and that is more than okay by me!

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  • Man I’m looking forward to this game. But seriously, I could never even consider the Collector or Apocalypse edition. Would way rather spend my money on a new Switch.

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