Guest Post: Best Games to Put in Your Retro Arcade

Retro Games for Your Arcade That Your Forgot About

You still have a retro arcade console somewhere back home? Here are games that should be mixed with it once again. We said once again, but the chances are high that you will play them every single day for a long period of time.

#7 Gauntlet


The game was released back in 1985 by Atari, one of the biggest names back then. It featured several characters such as Wizard, warrior, elf, and Valkyrie. They had to escape for different dungeons and your mission was to lead them. It is difficult to explain the real gameplay of the game, so we will only say to try it once again and see what the main mission is.

#6 Battlezone


Released back in 1980, the game was a huge hit. An interesting fact is that it was less advanced than all of its rivals. However, the game features the best story ever. You were a soldier in a tank and your mission was to escape the enemy planet. You had to defeat aliens, UFOs and etc. Precisely this is the main reason why the game was so popular back then and why it is on our list.

#5 Pac-Man

pac man

This is another game released back in 1980 and there is no need to explain it. We all know that Pac-Man had to complete levels by feeding on points and he had to escape ghosts. However, there were 4 powers that the main character was able to use which allowed him to eat the ghosts.

#4 Shinobi


Shinobi is a bit newer game. It was released in 1987 and the main mission was to defeat terrorists. You were in the shoes of a ninja. Back then this game made a huge boom when it was released and it was considered as one of the best games of the decade. The game has newer versions as well, so you can complete all of them. Yes, it looks simple, but the gameplay is far from that, so you will need plenty of time to complete all the missions.

#3 War Gods

war gods

War Gods was or better said is an interesting and different type of game. It tells a story of an asteroid which hit the planet and released a special ore that transformed some individuals into Gods. Over the years, those gods learned that they must keep the ore for themselves. As such, god-based battles are common and highly desirable. Some of you will hate the game, but most of you will believe it is the best one of them all.

#2 Space Invaders

space invaders

The game comes from 1978, but it is one of the most meaningful games ever. It is based on a simple principle. A gamer will have to use different weapons in order to defeat enemies which fell from the sky. Yes, they are aliens. Keep in mind that this game was responsible for the origin of Star Trek back in 2014. It is definitely a game to use once again.

#1 Centipede 


Centipede was released in 1980 and it was a huge hit. Most gamers believe that it is linked to Space Invaders, but as a player, you would have to destroy enemies that would come in front of you. It is also believed that this is one of the first horror games ever. The precise story is still a mystery, so try the game and find out.


These Choices Are a “Must Try”

These were games that must be played once again. They were popular and they were responsible for the modern games we know today. Be free to try all of them as soon as possible.

This article was written by Emily Lopes.






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